J.W. Walsh: I'm A College Football Hound

When J.W. Walsh heads home to Denton, Texas during a bye week, there are a few things he makes sure he does: spend time with the family, eat a home-cooked meal and see his girlfriend. But what he might look forward to most of all? Plopping down on the couch to watch college football.

"No doubt, I'm a college football hound. I love it," Walsh said. "I love watching football, period. That's the great thing about college football. Every week there are going to be lots of good football games.

"Anytime I'm not playing, I love sitting on the couch and watching college football all day – watching great players play and learning from them."

Last weekend, Oklahoma State (2-2, 0-1) was on its second bye week of the season. Meanwhile, Walsh was enjoying the FOX broadcast of the West Virginia at Texas game.

"Texas-West Virginia was a phenomenal game," Walsh said. "You have two great offenses going at it. To be able to watch that and learn as both those quarterbacks played and offenses played was great."

And while Walsh did his best to just enjoy good football, he couldn't help but analyze the game at times, especially with West Virginia scheduled to visit Stillwater on Nov. 10.

"You do a little of both, just because it's natural," Walsh said. "You're eventually going to play them or you have played them. It's just natural to do that. I tried to watch as much as a fan as I could, just to be able to enjoy the weekend and enjoy watching. Because you always have time to watch film, as long as you spend time on that, you're OK to watch it as a fan."

After making his first collegiate start Sept. 29 on national television against Texas, Walsh now knows what it's like to be on the other side of television on Saturday.

"I remember being there as a high school player watching guys on Saturday and visualizing the plays those guys were making – to be on the other side, that's really special. It's a lot of fun."

Cowboy Football Notes
Walsh on OSU having the No. 1 scoring offense in the nation with two quarterbacks: "It shows how powerful our offense is no matter who is playing quarterback, or who is playing what position. It shows how much maturity and depth we have on offense to be able to put up the same numbers we do and stay successful."

Walsh on his comfort level leading the offense: "You get more comfortable as the weeks go on. The game starts to slow down more with more reps, more practice and more film. As time goes by, you get more comfortable … You'll never know all you need to know. You're always able to keep growing and keep getting better physically and mentally."

Walsh on who will be the starter on Saturday: "I really couldn't tell you when I'll find out. We'll both prepare like we'll be the starter."

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