Richetti Jones: Good, Bad & Ugly of Bye Weeks

The Oklahoma State Cowboys have gotten the short end of the stick. With both of their bye weeks coming so early and so close in the season, the Cowboys have not been able to get into a real in-season rhythm and play football consistently. This can affect the Cowboys in a positive or a negative way depending on how you look at it.

The bye weeks could be exactly what the Cowboys needed, due to the injury of their starting quarterback. They have given Wes Lunt plenty of time to recover and not miss too many games. This also can be a good deal if the Cowboys start playing lights out football and start rolling, playing their best football in the process.

However, I personally feel that a bye week would hurt them if that were the case. These early bye weeks could come back and bite them if they are attacked by the injury bug deep in the season. But we are going to hope for the best.

As an ex-football player, times like these are hard and very uncertain. This is a time where you need great team leaders to step up and keep the team motivated, focused and hungry, especially within the group of young guys. Veterans should be ready for any situation. They have had their fair share of ups and downs along with the wins and losses.

From my experience, I have always backed my quarterback in any situation, even when Zac Robinson was hurt in the 2009 season and missed the Colorado game. We all knew he was still the starting quarterback.

In this situation things are different. The Cowboys have two freshmen quarterbacks without any previous college game time experience prior to the 2012 season, and due to certain circumstances the back-up quarterback has had more snaps and more game time experience than the starting quarterback. This presents a challenge.

So, the question Is, who does the team view as the starting quarterback and leader of the offense? On paper it says one thing, but on the field it is another.

Just a little food for thought and something to chew on this week as the Cowboys travel to Lawrence, Kan., to face the Jayhawks.

(This is a feature where former Cowboys defensive end Richetti Jones shares his thoughts and opinions throughout the 2012 season. Check back weekly during the football season to get Jones' insightful commentary.)

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