Cowboys Motivated With ISU On Horizon

Storm clouds rolled into Lawrence, Kan. and everything changed. Oklahoma State and Kansas headed to their respective locker rooms. For the next hour and a half, they battled boredom and anxiety. "It was difficult at first," OSU quarterback J.W. Walsh said. "After being in the locker room for so long you think, ‘Do not let this get in our head. Don't let this worry us.'"

Walsh thought the Cowboys handled it well upon returning to the field, but the OSU offense staggered out of the gate. The Cowboys scored just 10 points in the first half, none in the first quarter.

"There were a lot of things on Saturday that could have contributed to it – the weather, the delay – you have to be able to let those things go and still play football," Walsh said. "There were a lot of mistakes I made and a lot of mistakes other guys made."

Motivation might have been low, facing the Big 12's worst team in rainy conditions after that delay. That shouldn't be a problem this week. The Cowboys face Iowa State for Homecoming at Boone Pickens Stadium. The ghosts of falling to the Cyclones last season in double overtime, 37-31, still linger on the mind of some Cowboys.

"There's no way to not think about it for most of these guys," Walsh said.

Example: Offensive lineman Jonathan Rush said wide receiver Tracy Moore hates country music artist Toby Keith's "Red Solo Cup." No, it's not because of Keith's allegiance to OU. He said it was because that song was playing in Jack Trice Stadium last November after the Cowboys lost.

Wide receiver Charlie Moore doesn't have a tick like that, sending him back to that moment. But he still keeps vivid memories from that game to fuel him at times.

But Moore was clear to say this isn't about revenge or payback. The results of the 2011 season does not play into their game plan whatsoever. Remembering the heartbreak is about motivation – hopefully providing the Cowboys with some more after a lackluster performance in Lawrence.

"That feeling of walking off the field was something that won't ever leave us," Moore said. "It doesn't bother me now. I'm not losing sleep over it. It's just something to hold on to and bring back in certain times of big games like this week."

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