Richetti Jones: It's Payback Time

Oklahoma State University has one of the most exciting Homecomings in America. There will be lots of fun and festivities, and the fans will be ready for some football. However, this game has another meaning too. It will be a payback game for some of the Cowboys who suffered defeat at the hands of the Iowa State Cyclones a year ago, and lost any chance at playing for a BCS National Championship.

Some players will feel mixed emotions and strong emotions about this game because some of them felt the dagger to the heart more than others did that night last year in Ames, Iowa. I'm not saying everyone wasn't hurt by that defeat but you have some guys that were on the field from the beginning to the end of the game and they know firsthand what happened that night.

I really expect guys like Broderick Brown, Joseph Randle, Daytawion Lowe and a few others to take this game personal, and have payback and revenge in their heart so much that you can see it in their eyes from all around the stadium. I personally would like to see the Cowboys demolish these guys and show America last year was a fluke.

The Iowa State game last year will go down in history as an upset and nobody will ever talk about what really happened the day before the game that would change everyone's lives forever – the loss of two members of the Cowboy family, Miranda Serna and Kurt Budke. That was very devastating and disturbing news for everybody, and that is all we saw and heard on TV all day.

For me it didn't seem like real life. I thought it was a dream all day, but it wasn't. Everyone handles death differently, and I couldn't tell you how my teammates felt exactly. But I can tell you I could look at some of them and I knew that they weren't where they needed to be mentally and weren't ready to play a game. The world doesn't know how the loss of Coach Budke and Coach Serna really affected our team that night.

But we can't do anything to change that because if we could we would do it in a heart beat. However, the Cowboys can do something about it this Saturday, and that is going out there and leaving it all on the field and have no regrets.

I really hope my teammates remember that night and play hard this Saturday in memory of our two fallen Cowboy family members.

(This is a feature where former Cowboys defensive end Richetti Jones shares his thoughts and opinions throughout the 2012 season. Check back weekly during the football season to get Jones' insightful commentary.)

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