Sunday Rewind: No Major Announcements

Somebody had to do it and Jimmie Tramel of the Tulsa World took the honors. "Coach, just so I don't accuse you of kidding around, do you have any major announcements before we get started?" "No, not that I can think of," said Oklahoma State head coach Mike Gundy during Sunday evening's teleconference with the beat writers who cover the Cowboys.

Gundy announced in the middle of last Sunday's teleconference that quarterback J.W. Walsh was injured and basically out for the rest of the regular season.

The only talk of of the quarterback play was Gundy's assessment after watching video of Wes Lunt, who by the way picked up a helmet sticker from the cast of ESPN's College Football Final.

"Not anything different," said Gundy of his evaluation of Lunt's play in Saturday's 37-14 victory over TCU. "He played okay, and a lot of the guys around him played really well."

Lunt was somewhat rusty starting out, but he seemed to catch up with the speed of the game and after a long completion to Josh Stewart where Lunt split defenders on the 38-yard strike. He was really effective finishing with 18-of-33 for 324 yards with a touchdown and an interception.

Gundy was more enthusiastic when asked about his defense and how they've rounded into the defense that he predicted the Cowboys would have back to last spring.

"I think we're a better team defensively," he said. "I think we're better up front. Calvin (Barnett) is really good and (James) Castleman is playing well. He (Castleman) is still growing and he has good plays and then he has some plays that are not as good.

"Ryan Robinson is playing well. He plays better than he gets credit for and is doing some nice things. Nigel INicholas) is better and (so is) Cooper Bassett. I think we are really good against the run. I don't know the numbers, but I think we have been really good on first downs.

"Lyndell Johnson is a guy that helps us. He is long and rangy and can defend the run and the pass. We have defended the deep ball better."

As for Kansas State on Saturday night, the Cowboys head coach believes the Wildcats deserve to be where they are. In fact, the Wildcats are in a spot that is all too familiar to Gundy and reminiscient of where his team was last season.

"There are a lot of similarities starting with an older and more mature quarterback," started Gundy. "They have fared well in the turnover department, and they have been really good in the red zone. There are a lot of similarities to where we were last year."

Of course, a further similarity would be if Kansas State were to suffer a November upset. A lot of folks thought it might be a late October upset with Texas Tech last Saturday, but it didn't happen.

But there are more than a few people that believe if it doesn't happen against OSU this Saturday than the Cats will go through unbeaten.

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