Bill Young: Cowboys Get A Jump On Tech

Oklahoma State is a week away from Bedlam, and this week Oklahoma is heading to West Virginia to face Dana Holgorsen's offense and in a way get a head start on preparing for the Cowboys offense. You hate to see the Sooners inherit that advantage, but this week the Cowboys get the advantage as the Mountaineers offense was a good prep for Texas Tech's no-huddle spread offense.

"They're very similar to West Virginia," Cowboys defensive coordinator Bill Young said on Monday. "They'll go five wide, and their running back is like a wide receiver coming out of the backfield.

"So they stretch you, open up big gaps in the middle and if you miss a tackle, it's a big play. Just a very tough offense to play against, much like ours," said Young.

Like any spread offense, it is Tech quarterback Seth Doege that makes the difference. The Tech signal caller was at the Red Raiders media conference in Lubbock on Monday and emphasized that as a senior he has never beaten Oklahoma State, and they want to get it done.

"Regardless how long we haven't won or regardless how tough it is, I think that's the mindset you've got to have any time you go on the road just because it is tough," Doege said in Lubbock to the media.

"It's tough to win on the road regardless of wherever you play. I really think their stadium and their atmosphere is one of the top in the country. I think for the guys that have been there, they understand that it's going to be a tough place to play.

"Also, when you getting to in that type of environment, it's a lot of fun. Because if you do go out there and execute at a way that you play at a high level like you want to do, you put them away, and it's one of the best feelings of college football is silencing a crowd."

Young seems to think Doege is good, and it doesn't matter whether he has the crowd silent or whether they are screaming at him on a third-and-long. Doege is older, experienced, and not likely to melt in the heat of the game.

"He has tremendous poise," Young said of Doege. "He's standing right in the pocket, bombs are going off right and left, he's taking the hit, delivering the ball and he doesn't seem to be affected by pressure at all. When you can do that as a quarterback and have the arm that he has, then you're going to be really successful."

The Cowboys mixed it up last week against West Virginia, sometimes rushing four, five or even six, and sometimes rushing three and dropping eight into coverage. You have to mix it up against a good quarterback like Doege. Mix it up and execute it perfectly.

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