The Cowboys Quarterback Situation

Honestly, it's possible the Oklahoma State quarterback situation could go in a lot of ways. Much will depend on the offseason and spring football, at which time the quarterback position should be wide open again. The best aspect is the camaraderie as the quarterbacks all get along. A major reason is because each of them feel a license to the season as each of them have been part of the success.

That might not always be the case. However, it would appear all of them have developed a love for being at Oklahoma State and a strong appreciation for being in the program. I will run this down quarterback by quarterback.

Clint Chelf: He's an amazing story. If Chelf had played and practiced last spring the way he is right now, he would have been the starter hands down from the opener against Savannah State.

While I enjoy the "Choo Choo" stuff, we are going to be more professional here. We're not going to display the raunchy language and take it down a notch. Remember, I do enjoy the comedy of the "Choo Choo" material.

I cannot tell you often enough how well Chelf has looked in practice. He threw the ball fantastic, best he has ever thrown in practice. It was special to see.

Now for the future, he has cinched the starting role through the rest of the season, as long as he can stay healthy. I only say that because that has been a problem at quarterback so far this season. Now that he has tasted the starting role my guess would be he will fight to keep it and his confidence has to be at an all-time high.

He has also assumed a leadership role that head coach Mike Gundy and offensive coordinator Todd Monken had wanted him to achieve. It is a role that has to be earned and is not given. Chelf earned it with his determination, and weathering a tough situation of being the third teamer and climbing up in front of all of his teammates, many of whom know the same frustrations he went through.

Chelf will have to compete with his fellow quarterbacks again during the offseason. But this time, instead of expectations on his shoulders he will have real experience, and that confidence I spoke of to buoy his aspirations. At one time I could have seen him transferring for his senior season, but that won't happen now.

J.W. Walsh: Against Texas Tech, he finally was used in that role that so many of us had pictured him in all summer and at the start of the season. Walsh has had success now in that role and as the every down quarterback. He has improved so much and is a natural born leader.

He is also a guy that loves his teammates and will run through the brick wall for them. He is the least likely guy to transfer or have a sulking attitude as he appreciates the concept of team as much as anybody as the son of a very successful high school coach, and having that concept preached to him throughout growing up in a football environment.

He is also a guy that will take on any and every role available, and his athletic ability gives him many opportunities. Walsh could very well be the starting quarterback, but if he isn't, look for him to always have an important role on the team.

Wes Lunt: He's dealing with the most frustration right now. But you can tell he likes being a part of the team and he is seemingly understanding the situation. He has to know that his biggest catch up right now is in areas such as physical and strength development, overall understanding of the college game, this offense, and the level of competition at this level.

That said, he still owns the third-best passing game in Oklahoma State history. His arm and physical skills are as good a match for this offense as any quarterback out there, anywhere. Lunt is not the quarterback right now, but he is the right quarterback down the line for this offense.

Luke Del Rio: He is concentrating on winning the Colorado Class 5A state championship with Valor Christian. They were 49-18 winners over Arapahoe last Friday, and they will play Thunder Ridge this week.

He has said he is not afraid of competition, and at Oklahoma State he would get plenty of it. However, if competition really makes you better, as an Elite 11 quarterback he is equipped to succeed at a high level in college football then Oklahoma State and the situation would make him better. He would come in and with a possible redshirt year be at least two years behind Chelf and Lunt.

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