A Few Sunday Afternoon Observations

Some observations a day after Oklahoma State's 59-21 victory over Texas Tech on Saturday, which included my choosing Isaiah Anderson as my "Man of the Hour" during the pregame radio broadcast. I nailed that one! Congratulations to Isaiah, who has worked hard and overcame a bad finger injury to get back on the field for a Senior Day to end all Senior Days.


1. This season is as good as last season from a satisfaction and achievement standpoint. I'm not trying to downgrade a Big 12 title and all the great deeds on the field, but this team was trying to replace two NFL first-round draft picks and has dealt with constant injuries and other adversity. They have risen above. The coaches have had really sound and smart plans and the players have executed well.

2. Really hope to keep offensive coordinator Todd Monken for more seasons, But he is showing how smart a coach he really is, and some athletic director at a good school is bound to notice. I don't believe Mike Gundy is going anywhere. This is Gundy's place, but Monken is prime for the picking.

3. Oklahoma's graduate assistants on defense will have a busy week as they were left after Saturday with a lot of plays to draw up for the scouting report and for cards to run with the scout team in practice. OSU showed a lot and showed it well against Texas Tech, which means OU has much to rep this week in practice. Mike Gundy said they haven't shown all their stuff either. They have saved some for this week. I can only wonder what they are cooking up for Bedlam. Monken also said they let Wes Lunt rep some two-minute offense. It was never needed on Saturday, but maybe Lunt has a two-minute scheme set up for him, much like J.W. Walsh has a short-yardage and goal-line package system.

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