One-on-One with Brandon Webb

Think Bedlam is a big game for Oklahoma natives? Try being Brandon Webb. Webb, a junior offensive lineman from Owasso, will line up at right guard for Oklahoma State against OU on Saturday. In the 1970s, his father, Terry Webb, lined up for the Sooners as an All-American offensive lineman.

A house divided – defined.

Before the No. 21 Cowboys travel to Norman to face the No. 14 Sooners, Webb sat down with Go Pokes to discuss what it's like being the son of an OU legend.

Is there any ongoing little family feud going on at home?
Webb: "Between me and my dad, there's not too much of a feud because he's always been on my side. My brother might be a different story because he grew up the same way I did – an OU fan. He's still an OU fan. He likes to poke fun about OU beating us. I always tell him it's not going to happen.

You were recruited by both schools. How did you make your decision?
Webb: After I got the offer from OU, I took a few days to make my decision. My dad told me to take some time and that's what I did. I came back and told him I wanted to go here and he said he kind of expected it. He went with me on my visits and said if he was in the same position, he probably would have done the same thing I did. I'm happy to know he supported me. He's my father; he always will and has supported me.

Entering this Saturday, the Cowboy offensive line has allowed .7 sacks allowed per game, ranking fifth in the nation. Why has this group been so successful?
Webb: As a unit, we're really close. We all hang out, outside of football. Parker Graham and Evan Epstein are my roommates … We all bond together and it helps on the field.

In a loud environment, how important is communication among your fellow offensive lineman?
Webb: All we have to do is communicate – make sure it passes all the way down the line … It will be pretty much vocal. It will be physical if they're not listening … You've just got to be loud and communicate well throughout.

What colors will your family be wearing at the game Saturday?
Webb: They'll be at the game. I don't know where they're going to be at, but they'll be somewhere in that stadium … That's a tough one. I'm guessing my dad will be wearing black somewhere in that crowd. My brother will probably wear my jersey. Actually, I'll make him wear my jersey. He has no choice.

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