Bill Young: Looking For A Defensive Rebound

Oklahoma State fans that are unhappy with Oklahoma State defensive coordinator Bill Young. Mike Gundy was asked about the defense Monday night during his radio call-in show. He said the mix of three-, four-, five- and six-man pressures is designed to confuse veteran quarterbacks, but he feared going into the Bedlam game that the Cowboys might have trouble covering OU's talented receivers.

As for Young, the veteran defensive coach called his Sunday painful as he watched the video of Saturday's 51-48 overtime loss to OU through three times. He had to stop and start the video for grading purposes and to evaluate mistakes -- both the Cowboys players and his as well.

"You always want to try to keep the ball in front of you, obviously, but it wasn't our plan to give up 10 to 12 yards per snap," Young said addressing the general thoughts of his critics. "That's 10 plays for a touchdown if they take it in their own end zone.

"We have to do a much better job. I'll take the blame for most of that. I needed to call better plays and rely on players to execute the plays that were called."

Young said he didn't want to call any of his friends on Sunday, and speculated he might not have many out there. Young has a full grasp of the situation and is being as hard on himself as any critic could be.

"There were so many things and situations that we could have made better. They scored right before halftime, and we let them score at the very end of the game. Those are just killers and that was the difference," analyzed Young.

"We would be happy and giddy right now if we had stopped them in one of those two situations. One thing I think you have to take into consideration was that their quarterback was sensational. He was on fire. He played as good as anybody I have ever seen along the way. You can't blame that on just the secondary or the linebackers though because it also has a lot to do with the pass rush."

The Cowboys defense had been on a roll with solid performances in the 55-34 win over West Virginia and the 59-21 win over Texas Tech. Now they prepare to face the Big 12's No. 1-ranked offense in Baylor on Saturday in Waco.

Could a shell-shocked defense from Bedlam recover? They seemingly have after each loss this season.

"You can't let one play affect your next play. You can't have one game affect the next game. That has always been our philosophy, and it still is," said Young adding that the players get over it much more quickly than the coaches.

"We will get over this, but we're still in the mourning process as coaches. The players, I think, have pretty much moved on. Coach Gundy did a great job with them last night with telling them how things were and what we need to do.

"We met with our defense, and we talked to them about how hard we need to work to get this game and put ourselves in the position to get into a good bowl game. We told them that we need to just work and get things behind us, and then good things will happen," Young added.

The good news is that a lot of good things have happened against the Bears in recent seasons. There were five Bears turnovers last season and three in 2010. A few of those on Saturday would really help.

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