Gundy Remains In Charge Of Cowboys

At this point, Mike Gundy is still the head coach of the Oklahoma State Cowboys. There were multiple reports on Tuesday that Gundy had been hired by Arkansas, but those reports was disputed by several leading journalists that are considered experts on the Razorbacks. It was then confirmed that Arkansas would be hiring Wisconsin head coach Bret Bielema to take over the Razorbacks.

Yes, I can tell you that Mike Gundy was a finalist on the job, and that he was in discussions with Arkansas shortly before the decision became public.

The hope now is that cooler heads prevail among Oklahoma State administrators, including athletic director Mike Holder, and Gundy. Everyone involved needs to put aside their differences to come to a positive resolution so that the football program can take advantage of the opportunities and the resources that have been created to keep moving in a very successful direction.

Honestly, the best thing for all involved is to back off and understand that calm discussion, minus animosity, is the best remedy to move forward in the best interest of the OSU football program.

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