Gundy, Quarterbacks Spending Time Together

Remember when Oklahoma State head coach Mike Gundy spent part of his time coaching on the sidelines as he carefully plotted the next offensive series. Gundy remembers the hours he poured into preparing for games as both a head coach and an offensive playcaller. Gundy is again coaching quarterbacks and working with the offensive staff following the resignation of offensive coordinator Todd Monken.

"In fact, I thought about grabbing a Red Bull on my way in here today, like the old days," said Gundy when he met with the media on Thursday to discuss the upcoming Heart of Dallas Bowl on Jan. 1 with Purdue.

""It's been a good week and I enjoy spending time with them (quarterbacks) in the meeting room and on the field in practice."

The quarterbacks have enjoyed it too. Current starter Clint Chelf and short-yardage specialist J.W. Walsh both spoke with the media as well on Thursday. Current freshman Wes Lunt and transfer Daxx Garman are first-year players that are not allowed to speak with the media. Senior Jace Chilcoat is having a good time.

Chelf and Walsh say it's a little hard to think about correcting the head coach.

"It would be difficult to say something to him as the head coach," said Walsh when asked about correcting him in the meeting room.

"No there are a lot of 'yes sirs' and 'I agree' in there," added Chelf. "We'll try to bring up things we might want in a round-about way. Then we also keep our mouths shut."

"I think that's probably a smart move on their part," Gundy chimed in. "I've enjoyed being in there with them. The offense has been somewhat fascinating to me but it has been fun, a lot of hours."

Walsh said it has been really good because they have gained a whole new perspective of their head coach.

"It's been great working with him," added Walsh. "He cracks some jokes in there, and he has a good time in the meeting room with us and then we can tell when it is time to be serious."

Gundy said the plan for the offense against Purdue is nearly complete, and he minimizes his role in it. He is not claiming to be the playcaller for the game.

"We've got a plan that we'll have completed by Sunday," said the head coach. "We'll have it broken down based on position on the field. We'll make a play call. There will be conversations that go on between coaches on the headphones. The quarterback has to make that determination when we give him the play."

Gundy has also downplayed his increased role with the quarterbacks. But it would figure that spending time with them in the meeting room and on the practice field would help him in better knowing personalities and in judging the right kind of coach to get the best out of his quarterbacks. Chelf will be a senior next year, while Walsh, Lunt and Garman each will have three more seasons.

"I think so," said Chelf of the question about helping Gundy select a new offensive coordinator. "I wouldn't say he didn't know us, but he didn't know us as well Xs and Os-wise in the meeting room. Now he is in there and seeing how we work and how we think, and he is always asking us our input and I think that will help him."

Walsh said, "Anytime you can build that kind of relationship with your head coach then that is great. On top of that we're needing a new offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach so it great that he is getting to know us better and getting to feel us out in the meeting room and in practice. I think that will help him out with the decision."

It certainly won't hurt for the group to go out and get a win together either.

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