Dee Paul Has Baylor, Texas Tech In The Lead

At one time it seemed that Oklahoma State had emerged as the leader for Munday's Class A Division II state champion Offensive MVP quarterback/athlete Dee Paul. But speaking on Saturday, a couple of days to let the title sink in, Paul said it is Texas Tech and Baylor that have the recruiting advantage.

On Thursday, Paul capped a perfect season with 263 rushing yards, including touchdown runs of 57, 55, and 60 yards, in the 42-14 win at Cowboys Stadium over Tenaha, a rematch from Tenaha's win in 2011.

"Yes, it was about as good as it gets," said Paul of the win on Thursday and the experience of helping lead his team to victory. "The celebrating is almost all over and it's time to get ready for basketball.

"I don't know what I'm going to do recruiting and I'm kind of going with the flow. I told Oklahoma State after the game that I would probably not be going there. Track is something that is very important to me. I'm going to play football and run track.

"Texas Tech and Baylor are the schools I'm going with right now. I think I'll visit both of them soon. Both will probably be in January."

Those visits will have to be in January as a recruiting "dead period" on the NCAA calendar extends now until early January, and then again during the AFCA Convention in Nashville, Tenn.

Paul told me his events in track are the long jump, 300-meter hurdles, and mile relay.

Oklahoma State has a track team, but one that is built on distance running. The Cowboys do offer field events and some sprinters under Dave Smith. Oklahoma State is also building a new track facility. Baylor has a tradition-rich track program and Texas Tech, while not a traditional track power, does have a new facility.

Paul is an outstanding athlete who OSU is recruiting to play cornerback and be involved in special teams, in particular all the returns. Texas Tech was looking at him as a wide receiver, but that was with the previous staff, and we're not sure what Baylor sees Paul doing but he is capable of a bunch.

Pauls did tell us about the hand injury he suffered in the championship game on Thursday. An injury he overcame to help win the championship.

"It happened so fast when I got pushed out of bounds and I immediately grabbed it," he said. "Coach kept calling passes and I kept sailing them. I had to tell him I couldn't grip the ball. We taped it, and taped it again at halftime and all I could throw were lob passes. But we were able to run it.

"I thought it was okay because it didn't swell," continued Paul. Then I woke up yesterday and it was swollen and it hurt. I couldn't button my pants it hurt so bad. I'm going to get it X-rayed on Wednesday."

It is safe to say basketball won't really start for the ultra-talented Paul until that hand is okay.

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