Column: The Sun Comes Up, Life Moves On

The sun came up Sunday morning, but I am not meaning the sunshine "make good" column in Sunday's Oklahoman from Jenni Carlson just two days after she pulled the poison pen for her Friday piece on the changing of the guard at defensive coordinator for the Cowboys. I'm sure the Cowboy Nation rests at ease after reading that she believes the Cowboys are a threat to win the Big 12 in 2013.

Actually, Carlson is not the theme for this opinion piece, and nor should she be as follwing Mike Gundy's 2007 rant aimed at her there are always going to be underlying emotions or the belief that there are underlying emotions in anything she writes pertaining to the Oklahoma State program under Gundy's leadership.

Carlson got it right in her more venomous Friday column that the change at defensive coordinator was messy. It probably would not have been that way if it had been released on the timetable that Gundy and departing defensive coordinator Bill Young had agreed upon.

Back to February 2012, the two had disagreed on whether Young should still coach the Oklahoma State defense beyond the 2012 season, and the why or why not. But they did agree on waiting through recruiting and allowing Young a decent shot at getting a new position before the need of announcing the change.

The thirst for scoops on the Internet among the coaching rumor sites blew the chance for a smoother transition and an opportunity to have a more civil departure for Young, and a smooth start for Gundy and Spencer.

Two brothers that once worked together and both played with the Manning brothers as their quarterbacks in high school now run feuding and rival websites that cater to coaching rumors. Scott and Pete Roussel took over and built it into the most popular site following the football coaching industry and moves within it. It is a staple on the favorites of any coach's smart phone, iPad, or laptop, and the media too.

The two brothers had a falling out, though, and the younger Pete started, which was more edgy and less careful about verification. Somehow Pete Roussel got the scoop on the Cowboy defensive coordinator story and didn't waste any time putting it on the Internet and Twitter.

Anymore, coaches have to know that if two or more people know something then there are no guarantees it can be secret.

Young told me he had let Glenn Spencer in on the decision by Gundy. The two defensive coaches are close and Young wanted Spencer to have a say in decisions and recruiting based on the fact that the defense would be his to coordinate in 2013.

That should be a clear message to Cowboy fans that Young didn't want to harm his alma mater in his departure, but instead help best prepare for the transition. Young told me that while he definitely disagrees with Gundy's analysis of the situation and his coaching future that he has no animosity toward Gundy.

"I've been in this business a long time, longer than anybody on that staff and I know a head coach has to make the decisions he feels are best for his program, and that is his responsibility," said Young. "I may not agree, but that is what he has to do."

Gundy, who had a short release on the decision, would have much rather introduced Spencer and spent longer on saluting the contributions of Young. However, one has to think that even without a comment Gundy was looking at the defense and in long term examination was looking for a change and even somewhat of a change of approach.

Spencer has said he will run his own defense and that it is not identical to what the Cowboys have been doing. We covered that some in our story on Thursday that included Spencer's defensive influences, which include Young but many others.

Neither Gundy nor Young wanted it to transpire the way it did. But that is the day we live in with social networking. It is the same reason that a "tweet" from the head coach on Sunday morning about the hiring of a new defensive coordinator is on message boards within a manner of seconds.

It is why a reporter, like myself, doesn't have to look through a library of media guides and thumb through for a bio on Joe Bob Clements, but instead can "Google" his name and have his complete bio in seconds.

Oklahoma State fans now have something to sink their teeth into with the the knowledge that Spencer is the defensive coordinator and Clements has been hired to coach the defensive line. It might keep speculation about who the Cowboys next offensive coordinator and who Gundy will hire as inside receivers coach off the message boards until at least early Sunday afternoon.

Oh, and by the way, I think the Cowboys do have a chance to win the Big 12 next season. They have now added a coach that knows the feeling of winning it this past season to a head coach and six assistants that know the feeling from 2011. Everybody on staff so far knows what it feels like.

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