Super Bowl Cowboy: Q&A With Billy Bajema

We had our first entry last week with former Oklahoma State and current Baltimore Ravens tight end Billy Bajema. Bajema is one of four former Cowboys with a connection to next Sunday's Super Bowl. Defensive tackle Ryan McBean is on injured reserve with Baltimore, while Perrish Cox is a nickel back and running back Kendall Hunter is on injured reserve for the San Francisco 49ers.

An Oklahoma native that married an Oklahoma girl, Bajema has been in the NFL for eight seasons, including starting his career with the 49ers, the team that he and the Ravens will attempt to beat in Super Bowl XLVII in New Orleans.

We start this second installment with Bajema talking about moving a young family around the NFL and having experienced pro football in the west, midwest (St.Louis Rams) and now in the east with Baltimore.

You've really seen the country playing in the NFL, literally playing from one coast to the other. What's that been like for you and your family?
Bajema: Being all over the country is really a cool experience with the family. Emily (wife) and I have three kids now and they are getting old enough, the boys are and the oldest is almost five, that they get excited about the football a little bit and realizing where they're at.

The experience of being all over the country at their age when they are not ingrained in school yet has been really cool. It has been a blessing and being on the different teams, all of which I have really liked, has been great.

This last year and this last run (with Baltimore), I was sitting at home when training camp opened and not sure what was going to happen. To get the call from the Ravens and be a part of this has been another great experience.

You are a football guy, so you understand that what this team has done in beating the Colts at home with one of the top young quarterbacks in the game, then beating Denver at their place with a Hall of Famer in Peyton Manning and then beating New England at their home stadium with a Hall of Famer in Tom Brady, this is not a typical playoff run.
Bajema: The Colts game we got to have Ray Lewis' last game at home. The game going to Denver, I was a huge Denver Broncos fan growing up as a kid and that was a neat feeling going into that stadium, the stadium my Dad took me into as a kid to watch the only NFL game I went to when I was a little. Beating them with their quarterback being one of the greats of all time was very special.

Then going to New England and having really a lot of special meaning for the guys that were in that locker room last year and had walked out disappointed from a game they felt they should have won. The whole season and the way the playoffs have come together has been so special.

We went to those places and nobody gave us a chance but everybody in our locker room anything but winning never crossed our minds. We always felt that we were going to get it done. It happened in Denver and then somehow in New England and now everybody can't wait to get to New Orleans.

You have been playing only on key blocks in short-yardage and strike-zone situations and on special teams, but you never know in a Super Bowl. There have been unsung heroes and I'm sure it has crossed your mind you could be that guy. Only players in the game have a chance.
Bajema: You never know, and don't think that I haven't thought about that. The possibilities are there in a Super Bowl and anything can happen. You see guys making big plays that aren't expected.

I just want to play well when I am on the field. I want to play my role well, and if I get a chance to catch a ball for a touchdown or make a block that helps us, I want to do it well. I want to play well on special teams. All I can do is that every chance I am in there is make a play.

I have one more game to do that and help my team and that is all I can do. I know we have a locker room full of guys that feel the same way. It is just so exciting to be a part of it. I just want to go play my best football.

(NOTE: We will have one more conversation coming up this week with Bajema about the physicality of the Ravens and the huge story in Super Bowl XLVII, the brothers Harbaugh.)

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