Getting To Know New OSU Coach Jason Ray

Oklahoma State head coach Mike Gundy hired new inside receivers coach Jason Ray just in time to help polish off the 2013 recruiting class. Ray, a former captain for the Missouri Tigers, had been at Wyoming the past four seasons. He has soaked up experience in the spread offense and his recruiting territory at Wyoming included Oklahoma. Here is a Q-and-A with new OS assistant coach Jason Ray.

This is your neck of the woods since you grew up and played at Broken Arrow. It should be a natural fit for you, right?
Ray: I would say it is a natural fit. It is a great opportunity to come back to this great state. I was born here and recruiting the state of Oklahoma has been great and I'm glad to be continuing that.

There is a lot of great talent in the state and I was fortunate enough to be able to get some kids to come out west from Oklahoma, and now I'm going to do my best to keep the best ones in state as my goal. That is what we want to do at Oklahoma State is find those players that want to be part of a great program and keep their feet here.

Coach Gundy is committed to keeping the spread offense which brings up the question, will this coach be able to coach that and how much experience does he have in that offense? You played it at Missouri and then followed Coach (Dave) Christiansen to Wyoming, and he then hired Gregg Brandon as the offensive coordinator and he was an originator of one type of spread.
Ray: It is nothing new, and there are some intricasies to how we call it here at Oklahoma State that I am looking forward to learning. I've already met with Kasey Dunn and we've already gone over some of the football.

Having the experience of playing in the spread and playing fast at Missouri will help, and Coach Gregg Brandon did a great job of coaching spread when he was at Bowling Green and he kind of came in and tutored "Coach C" in the spread when we were at Missouri and that is how that came about at Mizzou.

Coach Christiansen did the same kind of things at Wyoming, and I think the brand of football here at Oklahoma State is they are playing it faster than what we were doing at Wyoming. It is a great offense.

There are so many versions and little nuances to the spread, like at Oklahoma State the mix of the Mike Leach and Dana Holgorsen principles and then Todd Monken came in and added to it. Just about any coach can add something and you are no different. You could add some ideas in the meeting room, right?
Ray: Coach Gundy spoke to me about that input aspect of it and to feel free to add. He said it is open forum in there and if you have ideas then bring them up. There are some things from my playing days and from Wyoming that I can add. I've already watched tape and there are some great things that I can elaborate on and add things. I hope to continue to add to the success here.

You only played one game here at OSU, and that was in 2005, when you were a player at Missouri. That was a good day for Mizzou with Brad Smith and Chase Daniel leading the Tigers to a 38-31 win.
Ray: I think you are about right, but I actually didn't make that trip (because) I was injured. I broke my collarbone and I wasn't able to go. I never got to play in Boone Pickens Stadium in my career at Missouri. But I am looking forward to coaching in there.

I know right now that Oklahoma State is something that everybody is talking about, and I'm anxious to doing my part to keep those boys going.

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