Super Bowl Cowboy: Q&A With Billy Bajema

Former Oklahoma State tight end Billy Bajema will play in the zenith event of any NFL player's career on Sunday when he joins his Baltimore Ravens teammates and battles his former teammates with the San Francisco 49ers in Super Bowl XLVII in the Mercedes Benz Superdome in New Orleans.

Bajema will be representing the OSU program along with defensive tackle Ryan McBean, who is on the Ravens injured reserved list; running back Kendall Hunter, who is on the 49ers injured reserved list, and nickel back Perrish Cox, who will suit up for San Francisco.

In his Oklahoma State career, Bajema earned ESPN Academic All-American status and caught 52 passes for 709 yards and four touchdowns.

As an NFL tight end at San Francisco and St. Louis, he has caught 38 passes in his eight seasons for 398 yards and two touchdowns. Bajema has not caught a pass this season, and has played mostly as a blocker in short-yardage situations and also on special teams.

He will represent Westmoore High School and the state of Oklahoma, along with the OSU Cowboys, on Sunday.

In earlier installments of this interview we spoke about making it to the Super Bowl, the Ravens' huge playoff wins, the reaction of his family, what it's like to play your former team, and more. Now we hear from Bajema on the violence and physicality of the Ravens defense and also the battle of the Harbaugh brothers.

You know the reputation of this Ravens defense, and a big part of what their success has been is the physical defense they play. This is a team of big hitters.
Bajema: It's that we've got tough guys and guys that make big plays with big hits. Hits like the one Bernard Pollard had on Stevan Ridley are game changers, you know when a guy comes in there and knows that could be waiting on him it is just a big momentum swing.

The physical aspect of a defense is really what wins big games. The ability to hit people and hit them hard, and that is what this defense does. Everybody has come together and the chemistry has started to build and it really is revolving around that defense. It is fun to sit on the sidelines and see what this defense does.

Part of the story for you being involved in this Super Bowl is you are part of the battle of the Harbaugh brothers. What are your thoughts on that?
Bajema: The odds of that are crazy. As far as Coach (John) Harbaugh goes, he is a fun guy in the meeting room that the guys rally around, but he really knows his stuff. He is such a good head coach and I have been so impressed with him since the day I got here.

He was there to meet me when I arrived, and he gets to know everybody. In the lunchroom he could be sitting with the team owner one day and the next day he is sitting with the practice squad guys. From getting to know the team as a whole he really knows what we need to do and he is a good coach.

Watching the 49ers, and the roster has most of the guys on it that I played with. We had a lot of talent but never quite got it done. Jim Harbaugh came in there and turned it around and in one season they went from loser to playoff team. They are playing good football and in the Super Bowl this year.

They are two good coaches and their dad, Jack Harbaugh, is involved with our team, and I'm sure with the 49ers too. He has talked to our team and you can tell it is a tight-knit family as far as they grew up in the same house and around a dad that is a football coach they were close to. It is a good story, probably one we will never see again. Like I said the odds of this are astronomic.

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