Team Chelf Makes It Two In A Row

With Oklahoma State's offseason program winding down for the start of spring football next week, Tuesday was the final competition day of the offseason meaning the top two teams were matched against each other in the finals. For the second year in a row quarterback Clint Chelf captained the team that won the BCS National Championship of Competition Day.

Also, for the second year in a row Chelf's team topped a team captained and chosen by quarterback J.W. Walsh. In fact, Walsh had Wes Lunt on his team, so Chelf handed it to both the other Cowboys top quarterbacks on Tuesday afternoon in Boone Pickens Stadium.

The battle was a close one as Team Chelf won it on the final event (obstacle course) with a score of 34-30.

Leading by four points going into the final event, Chelf's team needed to collect just three of the eight points contested on the event to clinch.

After the beast of Team Walsh, defensive tackle Calvin Barnett, who did not lose in any heat he participated in, won over Chris Grisbhy of Team Chelf, Teddy Johnson defeated Wes Lunt, Ashton Lampkin finished strong to collect a point, and walk-on running back Corey Bennett clinched the championship by crossing the line first.

Head coach Mike Gundy credited Chelf with being a very good strategist and team manager by choosing a number of injured players for his team and narrowing the scope of his choices for events.

"Absolutely," agreed Chelf. "By selecting some of the injured players there were only certain events that they could do well and win. I would plug them in there but in other events where other teams had more guys they had to use I had fewer guys to choose from and I could use them in more opportunities, mainly events where speed was needed."

Running down the events, J.W. Walsh and his team took the early lead by winning five of the eight heats in the sled pull, a strength and explosion event. Walsh had athletes like Calvin Barnett, defensive end Davidell Collins, running back Desmond Roland, defensive end Victor Irokansi, safety Lyndell Johnson, quarterback Wes Lunt, fullback Dominic Ramacher, safety Elliott Jeffcoat, defensive end Michael Glover, safety Derek Deeds, tight end Blake Jarwin and running back Otis Gates.

The two teams tied 4-4 on the tire flip and then Team Chelf evened the score by taking five of the eight heats on the 20-yard shuttle. A speed event, Teddy Johnson clinched for Team Chelf by a half step over Otis Gates on the final shuttle heat.

Chelf was joined by Teddy Johnson, cornerback Ashton Lampkin, running back Corey Bennett, inside receivers David Glidden and NEO A&M transfer Kameron Doolittle, offensive linemen Devin Davis and Chris Grisbhy, defensive tackle James Castleman, defensive end Naim Mustafaa, tight end Jeremy Seaton and kicker Kip Smith.

Tied through three events, Team Chelf took the three-cone drill 6-2 with Grisbhy, Bennett, Lampkin, and Chelf all among the winners. Chelf defeated a previous Competition Day MVP in Jeffcoat when he slipped.

The two teams split the four man tug-of-war giving each team four points. Then Team Walsh took the one-on-one tug 5-3. Defensive linemen excel at the man-on-man tug and Calvin Barnett, Davidell Collins and Michael Glover all won heats for Team Walsh. Team Chelf won the bag drills 5-3 and that made for the four-point lead heading to the obstacle course.

"It's nice to win. Back to back is pretty sweet," added Chelf with Walsh looking on and smiling.

After the win was clinched for the team, Chelf and Walsh went head to head on the obstacle course in one of the final heats with Walsh being declared the winner by an eyelash. In fact, the heat was video-taped and there was consideration of going to the video to check the winner. Chelf was okay with it, after all his team had already clinched.

In the third-place match, called the Fiesta Bowl, Team (Shaun) Lewis defeated Team (Jeremy) Smith 37-27.

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