Fish, Hursh Leads Cowboys In Big 12 Opener

Oklahoma State is 19-3 in baseball, and the Cowboys are 1-0 in the Big 12 after beating Baylor 5-0 in the Big 12 opener on Friday afternoon in front of 303 chilly spectators. Believe me, on a 46 degree afternoon a year ago there might have been 100 spectators for that same game.

The difference is the same difference that there is with the team. Josh Holliday as head coach, Rob Walton as pitching coach and advisor, and Marty Lees as an outstanding assistant and recruiting leader have got this program humming again.

The players are enjoying themselves and they have confidence and believe they will win.

In the bottom of the fifth on Friday with Baylor's two leadoff runners on second and third with no outs, Walton went to the mound to talk to ace starter Jason Hursh. The talk worked as two strikeouts and a sharp groundout back to the pitcher later Hursh and his teammates were going to the dugout with Baylor still scoreless.

In the bottom of the sixth with two on and two outs and the Cowboys struggling against the Bears ace, OSU's Zach Fish went opposite field on an outside fastball and deposited it over the right field wall for a three-run home run. Cue the "Bomb Song" and the Cowboys rolled to a 5-0 win.

"It's early in the program," Holliday said last week. "Our intentions are true, and if you have that then you can have a very functional coaching staff and have a lot of fun.

"You look at the number and in terms of our team and I think they show that we've been responsive and that we've never laid down in a game and that means there is growth in our character and as far as how we play, as far as how we perform.

"We will need to keep getting better because the schedule will certainly challenge us in the upcoming weeks. As far as our staff chemistry, our happiness level as a group, I think we've found a great fit," said Holliday.

No, Coach, I think Oklahoma State found a great fit! Keep it up and Allie P. Reynolds Stadium could end up really rocking for those last two conference series left on the schedule.

By the way, Saturday's second game in the series is now scheduled for noon because of expected weather.

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