Gundy Pleased With Second Scrimmage

STILLWATER -- The Oklahoma State Cowboys got an early jump on the weekend as the team came out for stretch at 1:30 p.m. Friday, which was a couple of hours ahead of their normal schedule. After a crew of primarily Big 12 veteran officials arrived the Cowboys got after it with a 75-plus play scrimmage that featured fast tempo and plenty of work on situations.

Oklahoma State Athletic Media relations did not release any details of the scrimmage, but head coach Mike Gundy did talk with Gavin Lang of Athletic Media Relations after the scrimmage. He was pleased that the Cowboys did not appear to get any more banged up than they were going into the afternoon.

"We were competitive in all areas. It was a good day," said Gundy being just a little vague. "We stayed healthy. Guys worked at it and execution was good.

"We've got a long ways to go, but we're getting there. It was balanced - the offense made some plays and the defense made some plays. For the most part, it was a good scrimmage. We had a few penalties, but overall it was pretty clean."

The coaches will have the weekend to review the video and then head into the final week of spring football with practices on Monday and Wednesday. The spring game, as of now, will have a similar format as the past two seasons, which is a game with teams split up and quarterbacks playing for both teams.

It will loosely look like first offense paired with second defense, and second offense paired with first defense. All that hinges on the health of the team heading to Saturday.

Gundy did say he continues to be happy with attitude and effort.

"Missed assignments and limiting mistakes are important," added Gundy. "I thought that we accomplished that. We've got another week to go here, but we're certainly much better now than we were in the middle of March. We're about where we need to be.

"You find out a lot more when you get into August and you have your freshmen in here and give you a little more depth at certain positions. Once we get those guys here, we'll have a better assessment of where we are as a football team, but their attitude is really good."

The Cowboys will be back on the field Monday.

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