Gundy Clarifies Stance On Quarterbacks

Appearing on Sportstalk with Robert Allen and Friends on Triple Play Sports Radio on Monday to review spring football, Oklahoma State head coach Mike Gundy further clarified his thoughts on shutting down the discussion regarding the quarterback position until after the Cowboys opening game on Aug. 31 in Houston's Reliant Stadium against SEC member Mississippi State.

"I just needed to give the information and there is not anything that we are trying to hide," said Gundy of the quarterbacks and where they are within the team.

"There are two points that I was trying to make there (during the postgame after the spring finale) and the setting wasn't perfect. We have three quarterbacks that can make plays. That's been proven, and they have been open to the media each week and they have said everything they can say about themselves and their teammates. The coaching staff, myself, Coach Yurcich, we've been very open and talked about the quarterbacks.

"The point I was trying to make is that there is not anything else we can say from this point moving forward. There's not anything else that the players can say," continued the Cowboys head coach.

"They've been very responsive and they have been great team players. To a certain extent they are competing to play football next year because it is not like the running back or the wide receiver position because for the most part you play one quarterback.

"I thought that those guys have done a great job the last month and a half of being very complimentary about each other and our team. So, I don't think it is fair to continue to ask them questions or to ask myself or Coach Yurcich because practices are over (for now).

"They work out on their own and I have confidence that each one of those guys is going to be watching tape on their own, they are going to study, they will watch opponent tape, they'll lift hard and work hard and be great leaders. We'll have each one of them out there leading during the summer. There is nothing else we can say for now. It is to make it easier for everybody.

"We had one repsonse (Saturday) that said it is just going to make the media talk about it more," said Gundy. "My intention is not to get the media to not talk about our team or our quarterbacks. It is just to be as fair as possible.

"Another truth is we are opening with an SEC team. It's different, so whether it gives us an advantage or not in the first game, I'm not sure it does. But if it does, I would be willing to try it. Anything that gives us an advantage, just like anybody that coaches or competes, you want to do everything within the rules that is legal for an advantage going into the game.

"Those are the reasons why we made that decision. It is certainly not to mislead the fans, the public or the media because that doesn't give us an advantage. There has just been enough said about each quarterback and it doesn't serve a purpose for us to mention it anymore before the first game."

Gundy said later during the interview with even more clarity something that has been lost on some in the media that have a hard time imagining more than two really good quarterbacks in one program.

"Everybody wants to know (about what we are going to do), but I don't think anybody knows because I don't think anybody has been in a position with three quarterbacks (that are all successful)," said Gundy. "Certain media have an opinion, you have an opinion and I have an opinion. I'm sure the (three) quarterbacks have an opinion.

"That is what makes this whole thing turn, but one thing is for sure, and unless somebody can bring it to my attention in which case I would like to call for some advice, I don't think anybody has been in these waters before.

"We are treading in water that nobody has been in with three quarterbacks that have all won conference games and each throw for 385 yards or more in doing it. What the heck, we pioneered this league in no huddle and pioneered this league in other things, so we might as well do this one too. I don't see where it hurts."

It's just in getting ready to do it there won't be any more talk about it until after the Mississippi State game.

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