Monken: I Have Not Talked To Wes Lunt

While talking to a number of people Friday, here is what has surfaced on the Wes Lunt story. I still have not talked with Wes or anybody in his family but his father, Andy, did text me back after I sent a text to him. "Robert, thanks for your interest and support. We all loved the OSU community. The discussion and decision is between Coach (Mike) Gundy and Wes. Thanks again."

This response is one I would expect from Andy Lunt in that I think the Lunts raised their children correct. They raised them to handle their own business and not rely on mom and dad to handle it. Mom and dad advise, but they are not the kind of parents that are over involved to the point of living through their kids.

Teach them to take advice but stand on their own. The mesage also means they are not going to air their situation in the media but chose to be more private about it. I have not seen Wes Lunt quoted anywhere other than the prepared release from OSU Media Relation. At the same time, Gundy has also not commented other than in the release issued late Thursday afternoon.

Various staff members confirmed that Lunt was around the facilities before leaving last week at the end of the semester, and he seemed happy and satisfied. He never showed any desire or intention of leaving for good. All discussion over this recent decision has seemingly been as Andy Lunt said in his text message, "between Coach Gundy and Wes."

I also spoke Friday with Todd Monken, who said he has been hit up by Joe Schad of ESPN and Jeremy Fowler of CBS Sports, as well as others hinting that Lunt will be heading to Southern Miss.

Monken explained that he has not heard from Wes Lunt or any member of the family. He said he talked with Lunt's high school coach, Derek Leonard, early in the spring, and Leonard was questioning why all three quarterbacks (Lunt, Clint Chelf and J.W. Walsh) and Daxx Garman were getting reps in practice. Monken said he told Leonard because they had all played well the previous season and they were competing.

Monken said he did not hear back from Leonard until about a week ago when Leonard said Lunt was contemplating transferring.

"I told his coach the best thing for Wes was to stay at Oklahoma State and compete," said Monken, now the head coach at Southern Miss but formerly the Cowboys offensive coordinator that recruited Lunt to OSU.

"He has good players around him, he can redshirt if he isn't the starter and then Chelf will be gone and it will be just him (Lunt) and Walsh competing. If he leaves he's going to have to sit a year anyway. I told him staying and competing at Oklahoma State was the best thing for him. Now these national reporters are calling saying we're the leader to get him. I haven't even talked with Wes Lunt."

Monken believes it is more likely Lunt transfers closer to home, and not farther.

Several individuals that would be in the know have said Illinois and Iowa are perceived to the be the leading contenders to add Lunt to their program. Our guess is that when the decision is made that it will come in the form of a press release from the destination school and not a press conference or interview opportunity.

The major impact on Oklahoma State from Lunt's decision is that Daxx Garman now becomes the third quarterback. At most places that wouldn't mean much as the big-armed Garman hasn't played in a real game since his junior year in high school because of eligibility issues, a redshirt year at Arizona, and a transfer year at Oklahoma State.

Garman has ability and confidence, and last season the Cowboys ended up needing three quarterbacks, so they will get him ready. The starting job comes down to Chelf and Walsh, and both can play, both can win, and both have the confidence of their teammates.

It will also impact quarterback recruiting as teams never want to take a recruit that is looking for an easy opportunity. The staff wants the prospect that is willing to come in and battle to win a job.

All of the Cowboys top quarterback prospects -- Kyle Allen of Scottsdale (Desert Mountain), Ariz.; Mason Rudolph from Rock Hill (Northwestern), S.C., and Andrew Ford of Camp Hill (Cedar Cliff), Penn., are aware of Lunt's decision.

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