Cowboys Under The Radar In Louisville

Oklahoma State appears to be heading into today's NCAA Baseball Regional opener in Louisville in stealth mode, although not necessarily on purpose. The Cowboys practiced Wednesday before head coach Josh Holliday and a couple of players reported to the designated area for their press conference. However, there was no media there so the Cowboys didn't hang around waiting to hold a press conference.

Maybe Oklahoma State takes that as a slight, maybe not.

The Cowboys open with Miami and will see Chris Diaz, who has a 1.75 ERA and a 6-5 record. He is not as hard a thrower as the Hurricanes other ace, lefty Bryan Radziewski, but he is a crafty pitcher that has good location and can spot three pitches pretty well.

Miami struggles some on offense and if OSU starter Jason Hersh is on then he could give the Canes plenty of problems.

In past years, two problems with the set up at Louisville and against Miami might have been the artificial turf and going against a lefty. The Cowboys have hit lefties well.

"What that does is allow our two switch hitters to go from the right side, and Donnie Walton and Tanner Krietemeier have both done well from the right side," said Holliday. "Then it will help Randy McCurry, Zach Fish, Robbie Rea, and Aaron Cornell because the ball will be breaking from in to them instead of away from them."

As for the turf there at Louisville, which is Field Turf and covers all of the playing surface except the pitcher's mound.

"We have handled ground balls well and our guys have seen that field before in Austin, Manhattan, Lubbock, and Wichita," said Holliday. "This season, just recently in Lubbock and Wichita. I think it could actually help us offensively because of our versatility and ability to bunt and speed."

The Cowboys will start at 1 p.m. Friday (Central Daylight Time), with the second game between Louisville and Bowling Green starting at 5 p.m.

Also, Miami still doesn't know if head coach Jim Morris will be at the regional. As of Thursday he was still in a hospital in Durham, N.C., being treated for pneumonia.

Oklahoma State wasn't the only team with no media attention. Bowling Green also skipped out on its press conference when nobody was there.

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