Speedgate: Gilbert Or Samples?

There's been lot of talk on Twitter about what we will call "Speedgate." New wide receiver Ra'Shaad Samples came into camp in good shape and ran well in testing. The freshman from Dallas Skyline posted on Twitter that he was happy with his early performance and quickly a rivalry that started on the field transcended to Twitter.

Veteran cornerback Justin Gilbert, and arguably the fastest player on the Oklahoma State squad, took exception to Samples' early reports.

Eventually that led to the two squaring off in a sprint last Thursday at the Cowboys metabolic workout in the new Sherman Smith Training Center.

"I saw it," said quarterback Clint Chelf, who also testified to that on Twitter. "I didn't see it all, but I saw it at the end."

"It ended the way that mostly everyone thought it should have ended," said Gilbert. "I won."

Just so everybody knows that the Cowboys aren't fractured over this so-called rivalry. During Rob Glass' instruction period before the workout on Monday, Gilbert and Samples were standing side by side with smiles on their faces.

"Yes, it's a thing that we have in common and I think he is one of the first guys since I've been here that wasn't scared to run against me," explained Gilbert paying respect to the freshman. "I respect him for that."

As a freshman, Samples is prohibited from media interviews, so you will have to stay tuned to his Twitter for more information and response from him. Bbut he appears to really catch the ball well and did perform well in the workout on Monday evening. All the players seemed to be excited and like working in the new building.

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