Player To Impress: OSU's Josh Stewart

Josh Stewart earned his way to attending the Big 12 Media Days on Monday, and he handled himself well. He's a player that last season really stepped in and became the focal point of the offense and in his personal life has endured losing his mother at an early age in New Orleans and survived the transition in moving to Texas following Hurricane Katrina should be able to handle himself.

More people than ever know his story from the feature on the Fox Sports Oklahoma State Football Preview.

"A lot of people noticed and have said something," Stewart said of the feature. "It's really humbling that so many people have said they saw it and that it has caused them to strive to do better in their personal lives. That is pretty special."

Stewart said he has been happy with the summer workouts and said he does have trouble sitting out reps.

"I've always felt the more reps you take the more that you improve and that is what I am trying to do," Stewart said. "I think we have plenty of good receivers and our offense will be good again. I think our defense is going to be good. Workouts this summer have been good."

Oklahoma State head coach Mike Gundy gushed about Stewart. Why not, after all he's a player that understands what is important and how you go about making it happen.

"Josh is a great example of what we really strive for at Oklahoma State. He came in and had some class misses, and he always loved to play football, he's very competitive," Gundy told the media on Monday

"We felt like -- we use the term -- guys will ask about a Josh or a Joe Randle or other players that we've had, and our comment is they really love to play the game. They would play it for free, and Josh loves to play football. He's very competitive. He plays through pain, plays through injury. Cold weather, hot weather, doesn't affect him.

"And he's really developed. We've been very fortunate to have a number of great receivers at Oklahoma State over the last few years, and each year, as one moves on, as a coaching staff, we see young talent, but you're always concerned about whether that guy's going to step up. Josh really stepped up for us last year in a big way. He had over 100 catches, and he ran the ball some, and he's been a really good team leader.

"Over the last couple of years, he excelled in the classroom. He doesn't show up on the class missed list," added Gundy. "He's been a great worker in the weight room for Rob Glass, and we're as proud of that as anything because he's a quality young man that's come in, and he's developed both on and off the field, and he's turned into a leader for our football team."

Walking through the halls of the Dallas Omni Hotel, Stewart is just an average looking guy. But with a football in his hands he becomes extremely special. He is already impressive and set to impress more this season.

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