Gundy: Specialists Will Compete For Jobs

There was just one question that I really wanted to ask Oklahoma State head coach Mike Gundy the other day in Dallas at the Big 12 Conference Football Media Days, but I didn't get it in. In fact, I did not hear anybody ask Gundy about the Cowboys specialists.

The two-deep depth chart in the new Oklahoma State 2013 Football Media Guide lists the specialists like this:

59 Michael Reichenstein, Jr., Dallas, Texas
39 Kip Smith, Jr., Broomfield, Colo.

90 Bobby Stonebraker, So., Tuttle, Okla.
39 Kip Smith, Jr., Broomfield, Colo.

Remember, two-time Texas Class 5A All-State kicker and last season's Texas Class 5A Second Team All-State punter Ben Grogan from Arlington Martin is expected to contribute as a freshman.

So, how does the head coach characterize the situation with the specialists?

"We're going to let the guys compete but I believe that kid from Texas is good," said Gundy. "I know I was told he was good and he sure looked good what I saw. I think he is going to end up being our kicker, I would think. We'll have to see him in camp.

"At punter, the transfer from UCLA (Kip Smith) can punt. He looked really good in the spring and he gets really good hang time and hits it 35 yards or more. I thought one of the best punters in the Big 12 was Iowa State's (Kirby Van Der Kamp). He would directional punt it 38 yards with lots of hang time and you couldn't return it. That is what we want to do. That's effective.

"Now on kickoffs the same guy can really hit it," continued Gundy talking again about Kip Smith. "He gets big hang time like the NFL kickers and drops it down on the 5 or closer. That is effective, but I've been told that Grogan can really kick off too. We'll see. We will make a decision about two weeks out and have the guys we're going with."

It will be one of the more interesting areas to watch in fall camp.

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