One-on-One With Dylan Harding

Jenks safety Dylan Harding committed to the Oklahoma State coaching staff on Wednesday when he was offered a scholarship. Harding had offers from the likes of Arizona State, Iowa State, Oregon State, North Carolina, Texas Tech, Tulsa and Washington. But he wanted to be at OSU and he confirmed that in a radio interview on Thursday on Sportstalk with Robert Allen and Friends.

Congratulations on the commitment. I know this was a dream for you.
Harding: Yeah definitely. I want to thank everybody for a dream come true and something I've been waiting on since recruiting started. I was getting nervous and then looking forward to it but I didn't want to get my hopes up for something that didn't happen. There was a time when trust was starting to build and, like they say, it was the biggest blessing I've ever had and it was a day that I'll never forget. I want to thank the coaches for the opportunity and hopefully I will be able to perform for the next four or five years and do something to show how appreciative I am.

Cowboys fans are going to want to cheer for you. You are the kind of player they want to see have success. You needed to do well in the combine and also add weight.
Harding: I was weighing 181 pounds at the minicamp in June and I knew it was something that I needed to work on. It was motivation every day in the weight room. I worked out all summer and would get up at 5:30 a.m. and get to work. Every time I would get under the squat bar or get under the bench bar I would use that as motivation.

In the back of my mind I was thinking about Oklahoma State because that was my dream school. I'm blessed that I had other opportunities to go other places but ever since I visited Oklahoma State junior day last year and went to a football game it was my dream. Having the doubts against me and showing up I don't want to be greedy or arrogant but it was motivation for me to get bigger and faster. That's also a kid's dream to be able to hit a 200-pound running back and not be able to feel it.

You are highly ranked in Oklahoma as a recruit. I think you're in the top 10 and you play alongside a guy that is ranked at the top in Steven Parker and he too is being recruited by Oklahoma State.
Harding: It's awesome especially having Steve back there with me. You know we've talked about going to the same school ever since he started being recruited and it is starting to be more of a reality now. I know OSU is among his top schools and, like I said, it's something we look forward to everyday for him. I'm excited for him to have that opportunity for him to be a Poke with me. We'll look forward to what he decides.

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