Who Were The Stars Of Summer?

"I was pleased and there were a lot of guys that did really well," said Rob Glass, Oklahoma State assistant athletic director for speed, strength, and conditioning at practice today when I asked how he felt about the vitally important summer program that set the stage for the start of the season and fall camp.

Glass's role is extremely important in the building of the OSU football program and is recognized as such by head coach Mike Gundy and the entire coaching staff. The program that Glass and his staff put the squad through during the summer has reaped huge advantages in games and results time and time again, season after season.

Two stars of the summer, and there were many, were senior linebacker Shaun Lewis and sophomore offensive tackle Devin Davis.

Davis is 6-5 and is now listed at 298 pounds. He looks like he could play center in the NBA. Last year he was listed at 6-5, 290 pounds. He told me he cut one group out of his diet as he learned something.

"Well, I had to end up giving up a lot of dairy products because I learned I'm lactose intolerant," explained Davis, who is from Nacogdoches, Texas, and listed as the starter at left tackle on offense on the depth chart.

"I went in there (weight room) and made my mind up that I was going to do the best I could this year."

Lewis is a senior "star" linebacker who has played extensively since his freshman season. I joked with him that if he was on the beach instead of at practice he would be getting plenty of attention. He laughed at that, but what he did this summer was serious business.

"I knew that I had to put in the work, not only for myself but for my teammates in order for us to have the year we want to have," said Lewis. "Without a doubt we were out there pushing each other, competing with each other, and that is the only way you get better."

Lewis is listed at 5-11, 225 pounds, which is the same as a year ago but you can see it is distributed just a little different and he is more muscular for sure. You know, looks like he would attract attention at the beach.

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