Gundy Talks About Voting In Poll

Following the first Oklahoma State football practice of the season, head coach Mike Gundy spoke with the media about the fact he is back in the saddle voting on the USA Today Coaches Top 25. The last time Gundy participated in the poll was 2005.

"I did it years ago and I stopped doing it for awhile because I didn't think I was spending enough time being a qualified voter because I was calling plays and I got out of it," Gundy said with the explanation of his poll voting apathy.

"Now my role has changed and they asked me to do it and I said yes. It is important for our game that people do it and also understand what they are voting and the decisions we're making. With Kevin (Klintworth) and Gavin (Lang), I use them as resources of information and then with what I know about it I put together that list with what I think is best and don't favor anybody in our conference."

Gundy sounds like the poster coach for responsible voting as he speaks of not dragging an agenda into a process that is known for having some agendas and is held in high speculation by the college football fandom.

"That (favoring our conference or friends) is not what our responsibility is," said Gundy. "Our responsibility is to vote the way you are supposed to vote and sometimes if I don't know who should be 15 or 16 here then they (Kevin and Gavin) may say this school and I'll go for it."

Gundy said he didn't know if 14th was the fair spot for Oklahoma State to start out in the poll. When asked, he said he had voted the Cowboys between 12 and 14. Gavin Lang confirmed that Gundy's ballot had the Cowboys at number 12.

"I thought that we would certainly have been a top-20 team but when Joe Randle declared for the (NFL) draft early that some people may drop us out of the top 20. He certainly is a good football player, very productive at this level for us for three years.

"I'm not sure anybody knows anymore. There has been a lot of talk about eliminating polls until week five or somewhere. That is not going to happen because there are too many magazines that get sold in June and July. I think we know a lot more after the first month and know who has established themselves and deserves to be there."

As we mentioned in a poll analysis earlier this week, three coaches that have been assistants in Gundy's program to be head coaches, are also voting in the poll this season. They are Larry Fedora at North Carolina, Tim Beckman at Illinois, and Dana Holgorsen at West Virginia.

"No, I had not noticed that those guys are voting," said Gundy. "You know Larry is real active in anything that is college football and Tim is the same way. That is interesting."

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