Cowboys Football Notebook-Tuesday

The decorative brick and wrought iron metal fencing is going up around the new grass and one turf practice fields next to the Sherman Smith Indoor Training Center. The fencing will be done soon and a screen will make it nearly impossible to see in. It will be done by the time school starts and the Cowboys will move their practices to those fields after school starts, head coach Mike Gundy says.

With the team taking off from practice on Sunday, Aug. 18, the day before classes begin, and Monday, Aug. 19, the first day of school, the team will practice on the new fields for the first time on Tuesday, Aug. 20.

Gundy said the team has been using the new turf field at the facility for their evening walk thru.

"We've discovered that after 6:18 that field is completely in shadows from the indoor facility, and it is really nice, shade and a nice breeze blowing," described Gundy. "It is really comfortable."

The team has also used the indoor facility some as well, and it was used several times over the summer. As for fall camp, Gundy has said it will take rain for him to move the practices indoors.

Although the week of the Cowboys opener they might work some inside. However, it is important to know that while the Cowboys will be playing Mississippi State indoors in Reliant Stadium on Aug. 31, the playing surface is still natural grass.

Yurcich Confirms He Will Be Upstairs

New offensive coordinator Mike Yurcich confirmed today that he will be in the press box calling plays during games.

Yurcich was on the field when he called plays at Division II Shippensburg University, but with the high vantage point and a staff that can handle duties on the sidelines including signaling, he will get the overall view from upstairs.

Yurcich did go up to the pressbox in the spring for scrimmages and the spring game to get used to the view and the routine.

As for the offense and how it is going during fall camp so far, Yurcich has kept his answers somewhat close to the vest.

"It's been a really good experience," said Yurcich of fall camp. "We've got a lot of great coaches and a lot of great players and the facilities are outstanding. I'm just really excited.

"There are a lot of good players here who understand what's going on and they play fast," continued Yurcich on the offensive tempo. "It really all starts with fundamentals and making sure that we're doing a good job of being sound with assignments and making sure we know where to line up. The better we get at that, the faster we can go."

Houston Crew Checks Out Cowboys
A crew from Comcast Sports in Houston was in Stillwater on Tuesday. Comcast is associated with NBC Sports and NBC Sports Network has a lot of cable sports networks around the country.

Comcast Sports in Houston has the rights to the NBA's Houston Rockets. They also do a lot of sports shows and with Oklahoma State opening the college football season in Reliant Stadium in Houston against Mississippi State the regional network sent a crew headed by reporter Leila Rahimi to the Cowboys practice on Tuesday.

Ofa Hautau Doing Well
Many Oklahoma State fans have ben curious about Snow Junior College transfer Ofa Hautau. The defensive tackle arrived late after finishing up his academic work in Utah and did not get any time in Rob Glass and his staff's summer strength and conditioning program.

The 6-0, 295-pound Hautau has been getting snaps and has made some plays while making an impression on defensive line coach Joe Bob Clements.

"You know I've been proud of him so far," said Clements. "Is he where he needs to be to play against Mississippi State? No, not today, but there is steady improvement from day one to day five, and he is picking it up just from being out here on the practice field.

"There were much less mental mistakes today than there have been the previous days. You know he has a natural physicality to him and he is a big strong guy. When he moves forward there's not much that gets in his way, you know. I've been pleased with him up through practice five."

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