Who Says You Can't Date A Cowboy?

STILLWATER -- Mother Nature was back at it this morning and as a result the Cowboys started the second full week of fall camp on the north side of Hall of Fame at the new practice area that includes the Sherman Smith Training Center. In fact, Oklahoma State head coach Mike Gundy confirmed that the Cowboys have, for the time being, permanently moved over to that side of the street.

Gundy said the lower areas of the grass practice fields that are east of Gallagher-Iba Arena stay soggy after any significant amount of rain. Gundy greatly prefers for his players to have good footing in an effort to prevent injury. He said they will stay on the new Astroturf practice field east of the Smith Center and working in the Smith Center.

The rain had them moving in and out throughout the morning workout, the first of two practices on Monday as this week has two-a-day practices also scheduled for Wednesday and Friday. This will be the grinder week for the Cowboys and a lot of depth chart decisions will be made through the week and into the scrimmage on Saturday.

The players actually had the day off on Sunday and that allowed for them to spend some time with folks other than teammates and coaches such as family and girlfriends.

OSU special teams standout and nickel and strong safety Zack Craig was with his girlfriend as he can't always see Jordan Elizabeth as they maintain a Southwest distance relationship with Jordan living in the Dallas area as she is in her second season as a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader.

Jordan is the only Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader that we know that dates a Cowboy player.

"Yes, we cannot fraternize with players. We can't fraternize with anybody in the Dallas Cowboys organization," explained Elizabeth of a rule that is universal throughout the NFL. "I date a Cowboy, but not a Dallas Cowboy, an Oklahoma State Cowboy."

Elizabeth came to Stillwater for the weekend and was sitting in the end zone of the new Sherman Smith Training Center on Saturday evening watching with other player's family members during the scrimmage.

She was sitting by herself but was getting plenty of double takes. Elizabeth is a very attractive blonde that one would not have a hard time believing her when she told them that she is an NFL cheerleader with the most famous cheerleading squad in pro sports.

The two have been dating since late December of last year, but became aware of each other a month before they began dating.

I'd heard Zack's version of how Jordan first laid eyes on the him but Elizabeth, a native of Plano, Texas, said Craig, a native of Spring Branch, Texas, and graduate of Smithson Valley High School near San Antonio isn't 100 percent right on the story. But he was busy when it actually happened.

Craig first told us he thought Elizabeth was at a Saturday rehearsal for the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders and she saw him playing in an Oklahoma State game on a television in the studio.

"It was actually the Saturday after Thanksgiving and we had cheered for the Dallas Cowboys' Thanksgiving game," said Elizabeth. "I was watching the OSU-OU game with my girlfriends at the lake house.

"The game went to overtime and the captains came out for the coin toss in overtime and I see this blonde kid walk out and I said to the girls, 'that guy is pretty cute.' The girls said I should look him up and girls being girls, we did, Zack Craig. One of my friends said, 'Jordan, he is on Twitter.'"

Social networking at its best again in this modern age. In fact, Elizabeth said that she and Craig ought to be considered a perfect example of how many couples discover each other in this day of Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, not to mention Eharmony.com, Match.com, and Christian Singles.

"At the time I was not the most twitter-savvy person around," said Elizabeth. "We had our Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders account. I followed him. The next day Jessica told me he was following me back.

"Two weeks later I had a cheer picture up and he liked it. Then I follow the Big 12 teams and I got a message that they were going to be in Dallas playing in the Heart of Dallas Bowl."

While many Cowboys fans may have thought the Cowboys were sold down the river in Big 12 bowl selection, Craig is very pleased with how it all turned out because that allowed the couple to get a jump on their first date.

"We said we should get together and basically we had a blind date at a little pizza place and that's how it all started," explained Elizabeth as far as an in-person relationship. "We are a true social media couple, an example of people our age that meet on social media."

Craig is going into his senior season for the Cowboys with 41 career tackles, 37 of those unassisted and two sacks and an interception. He's blocked two punts and returned one for a touchdown last season against Texas Tech.

After overcoming Entrapment Syndrome this spring, which caused him to lose a rib in an operation to relieve the nerve and muscle that was entrapped, Craig is feeling good and looking forward to a big season.

Elizabeth is going to have a busy football season as the broadcast journalism graduate from TCU and a member of the TCU Showgirls dance squad is also going to be the in-stadium game host for the Horned Frogs on their video board. Elizabeth has a vibrant personality and also works for a marketing firm in the Dallas suburb of Addison.

Now she will try to see as many of Craig's home games in Stillwater at Boone Pickens Stadium while also working for TCU and cheering for the Dallas Cowboys. A tough balancing act, but she was proud to say, "I'm going to make five of Zack's six home games."

The schedule works out pretty good but for this couple the schedule has seemed to be in line from that Thanksgiving weekend to the Cowboys bowl destination last season to the football schedules for this fall.

Today's schedule for Zack Craig and the Oklahoma State Cowboys calls for another practice tonight at 6 p.m.

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