Cowboys Football Notebook

Jimmie Tramel of The Tulsa World asked head coach Mike Gundy on Tuesday if he had decided on any other starters on special teams. Gundy announced that freshman Ben Grogan, a two-time All-State kicker in Texas, will handle PAT and field goals. Gundy said only punter really remains as a position battle where one guy and one guy only will do the job.

"Well punter and really other than that because of the way that we play rotating players in on both sides of the ball everybody is really falling into place," answered Gundy.

He did not elaborate on quarterbacks as that topic has stayed off limits. But the fact that J.W. Walsh and Clint Chelf will both play would seem to fall into that part of Gundy's answer that lists rotation. He did name his kickoff specialist.

"Our kickoff man will be Kip (Smith)," said Gundy. "Grogan also kicks off but I think Kip will handle the kickoff duties for us."

Gundy said Smith and Michael Reichenstein are still competing for the punting job.

Human Alarm Clocks
During fall camp, wake-up time is early, really early. Some players get up as early as 5 a.m. with breakfast, taping, and some meetings before virtually everybody is on the field by 7:30 a.m. That is one early wake-up call.

"We're so close and everybody is calling each other in the morning to make sure everybody is up," said senior wide receiver Tracy Moore. "It is really something more special than anything that I've been around. I'm even best friends with a kicker, so."

Okay, so who on that calling chain is the most valuable alarm clock? "That would definitely be me," said Moore. "I have a list of six people that I call each morning."

And, who is the player that needs that "snooze" second call? "I called Calvin (Barnett) twice this morning to make sure he was up, so I would say Calvin," added Moore.

With Moore a Union guy and Barnett a Booker T. Washington man, those guys should be living on Tulsa Time. OK, that's a bad joke but that can be useful in waking up sleepy guys. A sleepy guy never fully gets the joke the first time it's told.

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