Eight Goals For Saturday's Scrimmage

Last week we got a little precise with some of the numbers but we'll avoid that this week as we use our imagination to take a shot at what head coach Mike Gundy and the Oklahoma State staff might be looking for in Saturday night's final scrimmage of fall camp. Technically, after the days off on Sunday and Monday then starting with the Tuesday practice it is an extended game week.

1. The most important goal is to stay healthy. Avoid any key injuries. You can count on Gundy to keep it "thud" tempo and try to avoid having players on the ground where it is easier to get hurt.

2. For the offense just simply execute well, complete close to 70 percent of all passes, average five yards or better on run plays, convert at least 55 percent on third downs, and produce points on two-thirds of all possessions.

3. From a position standpoint, offensive line coach Joe Wickline needs to try to identify his third tackle, third guard, and second center, if not an entire second team offensive line.

4. Running backs coach Jemal Singleton needs to identify his third back behind Jeremy Smith and Desmond Roland.

5. Defensively, Glenn Spencer and his staff would like to get at least four turnovers in the scrimmage, stop 60 percent of the possessions without points, and force three-and-out on 40 percent of all offensive possessions.

6. Joe Bob Clements may already have his rotation, but if not he'll be trying to identify the first set and second set of defensive ends.

7.On special teams Gundy will be attempting to find a punter, and it would be nice if new kicker Ben Grogan could convert all PATs and 100 percent of field goal attempts inside the 40 and half of those attempted beyond the 40.

8. Stay healthy and injury free, or did we list that already? It's worth repeating.

You may notice that some of the offensive and defensive goals are in conflict. That is not unusual, but whenever the first team of either side is out there against a second team, you have to favor the first team.

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