Cowboy Seniors Are Getting Antsy

After two days off to rest up from the two-hour scrimmage on Saturday and an extra day off Monday to avoid the notoriously sluggish practice that is the result of the first day of classes, the Oklahoma State Cowboys were back to work on Tuesday afternoon. The opener in Houston with Mississippi State is only 12 days away.

Chances are Mike Gundy and his coaching staff will treat this as an elongated game week. Not exactly like an off week because in an open week you might go back and brush up on early mistakes. They will work on some potential trouble spots, but most of the work will be on the Bulldogs.

The bottom line is everybody is excited, especially the leadership of the team. Middle linebacker Caleb Lavey admits the defensive performance in the scrimmage and opportunities to make more plays gets him excited.

"The way our defense works it puts me in position to make a lot more tackles, especially in my coverages," said Lavey. "Coach (Glenn) Spencer puts me in a position to make a lot of good plays, and we will be more aggressive in some areas and I will get to blitz at times."

On the offensive side of the ball it is pretty close to the same feeling for senior Tracy Moore. Moore caught four touchdown passes against Arizona last season and two weeks later went down with a really frustrating ankle sprain that ended his season. Remember when the doctor told you a sprain could be worse than a break? He wasn't kidding.

Moore watched some receivers grow up last season and is seeing even more newbies like freshman Marcell Ateman grow up before his eyes.

"Guys like Josh Stewart, Blake Jackson and Charlie (Moore) are guys that can take attention off of me, and I can do the same for them," said Moore. "All the receivers are pretty good and they can all play. I think we are ready to get after it. I'm eager to get out there because I think our offense is good, we've ramped up the speed and we're ready."

Two other seniors would just as soon cut to the chase, get on the plane and head to Houston. The coaching staff, no doubt, appreciates the added time to prepare, but the players are ready to play.

"Start of football season, I don't care what day it is, I'm ready any day," said senior running back Jeremy Smith. "I think this team is ready and there is so much talent here. The freshman came in and really competed and I've seen a lot of great things out of all those guys, so yeah, we're ready."

"I'm right there with them sitting in the third seat," said offensive line veteran Parker Graham. "We're tired of hitting each other. We've been pushing each other to the limits right now and I think Coach Gundy has realized that and is getting excited himself.

"We're ready to play. A bunch of old guys like Jeremy, Tracy and myself we're just ready to go down there and kick some tail."

Graham said the offensive line is ready but that is a critical position where after the first five or six players the position gets really young in a hurry with redshirt freshmen, junior college transfers and true freshmen taking a lot of seats in Coach Joe Wickline's meeting room.

On second thought the next 10 to 11 days of preparation are probably a good idea. Keep that charter flight booked on Friday, Aug. 30.

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