It's Time For A Dress Rehearsal

It's almost exactly one week from the opening kickoff in Houston, Texas at Reliant Stadium as the No. 13/14 Oklahoma State Cowboys take on Mississippi State. Faithful and devoted Cowboys fans will remember what Mike Gundy and his team do at the week to go hour. They participate in a Pat Jones tradition, a dress rehearsal.

Wes Edwards, Matt "Chief" Davis, Justin Williams and the equipment staff will lay it all out in the locker room for the players and coaches. Game uniforms (yes, the ones they will wear next week as the home team) will be worn with the goal of making sure everything fits and is perfect. (By the way, my guess is the Cowboys will start the 2013 season the same way that 2012 ended with all black, but that is just a guess).

Justin Williams handles the coaches and will make sure the khakis and coaches shirts are perfect. Most of the staff will probably be in white, with Gundy in orange, maybe, and the defense in orange to contrast the jerseys.

Everything will be done as if it is a game, and likely will take place inside Boone Pickens Stadium, although Gundy could opt for indoors. The privacy is the same and only the walk across Hall of Fame might be out of place.

Headphones will be in use and the entire rehearsal will be scripted to take into account every possible scenario, headphones not working, various players out of the game, two-minute situations, overtime, and anything else that could come up. As with all practices, this one is closed and security is kept a little tighter than normal as some of the game plan is sometimes rehearsed as it provides a solid walk thru.

With the opener in Reliant Stadium and even the second game against Texas-San Antonio in the Alamodome, one scenario they can skip this year is the possibility of a weather delay. They could just rename it and call it "out go the lights." That even came into play in the Super Bowl, so it could happen in Houston.

This part of preparation for the first game was originally started by former Oklahoma State head coach Pat Jones each season, and Gundy has adopted it. It makes sense as it gives the players a good mental preparation with the game only one week away.

The team will practice on Sunday and then Monday is a day off with normal Monday media chores having been handled on Thursday.

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