Akem Shows His Athleticism In Scrimmage

It's hard to imagine watching number 27 for Broken Arrow moving around on the Tigers defense and think he's not game ready. Gyasi Akem is athletic for a linebacker and he was used often in coverage for Broken Arrow during a three-way scrimmage in Stillwater.

There were several times that his receiver ran the deepest route on offense and Akem was back there glued to him. Honestly, it is a great way to run him out of the play.

The very disciplined Gyasi Akem, whose father is a native of Cameroon, is hard on himself.

"Me, personally, I think I'm a little bit out of shape," said Akem with a mature honesty. "I still have a long way to go until I'm game ready, (but we) still have two more weeks. I am willing to put in the work."

As for being so involved in coverage, you can see it on his face, Akem would rather be playing downhill against the run or coming off the edge and rushing the passer.

"You know, I try to keep myself versatile," explained the 6-2, 215-pound linebacker. "I wouldn't say I can only cover because I can rush the quarterback a little bit. I don't like to say I am one thing or another but I can get downfield and cover if I have to. Our defense is built where I have to work in space."

Broken Arrow and Akem as well as another Oklahoma State commitment for the Tigers, running back Devon Thomas, controlled the scrimmage against both Stillwater and Tulsa Edison on Friday at Pioneer Stadium.

The Tigers would like to break the Jenks-Union stranglehold on the Class 6A title.

"Our camp has gone really good," said Akem. "We have a lot of hard working people out here. The team as a whole is getting better. We just need to be in game shape. That is what I think.

"We're needing to get back in form and get back to that state championship," continued Akem. "We are the biggest school in the state of Oklahoma and it's unacceptable not to have a state championship in football."

Akem is one of three Oklahoma State linebacker commitments as the Cowboys will need a big class at that position. Akem is not only glad to be heading to OSU but glad the decision is made.

"Definitely, I was going to get it done, if anything, at the end of the summer. I'm ecstatic that it's over and I can focus on this team, my grades, family and religion, things like that."

Akem is well spoken and according to the Broken Arrow coaching staff one of the primary leaders of the football team.

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