One-on-One With Marcus Smart-Part 2

Marcus Smart had a busy summer. The Oklahoma State sophomore helped lead USA Basketball Men's U19 team to a gold medal in the FIBA U19 World Championships. Later in the summer he was one of only two college players invited to the U.S. men's national team minicamp with 29 NBA players. Smart recently visited with us for a story for Go Pokes Magazine. Here is part two of excerpts from that interview.

Question: Do you believe this could be a season that OSU fans will remember for many years?
Smart: Definitely. We have key guys leaving after this year, graduating or making some big decisions whether they're going to go (to the NBA early) or if they're going to stay another year. So definitely this is a year where we have to take into consideration of just going out there and having fun and enjoying it. Don't worry about anything else, just go out there and enjoy being able to wake up every day and be thankful that you're able to go out and play basketball. That's what you grew up wanting to do, and you've got the opportunity to do it so be grateful and thankful for it.

Question: How good can this team be?
Smart: We can be as good as we want. It's all on us. It just depends on how hard we work and how hard we want it.

Question: Next April, when you look back at the 2013-14 season, what's it going to take for you to say it was a successful season? A national championship?
Smart: That would be the obvious answer to say.

Question: What's the truthful answer?
Smart: The truthful answer is we can't predict what will happen. Who knows what is possible? You can only control certain things and that's going out there and giving it your all every day and leaving it on the court. If you do that everything else falls into place.

Question: Marcus, you didn't answer the question. What's it going to take for you to consider it a successful season?
Smart (laughing): You're not going to accept that answer?

Question: Is the Final Four a realistic goal?
Smart: That's every team's goal. Obviously, to go to the Final Four is one of our team's goals, especially since we have a lot of Dallas kids (Smart, Le'Bryan Nash, Phil Forte, Leyton Hammonds, Jeffrey Carroll and Mason Cox) on the team, and with it being in Dallas this year (at AT&T Stadium), that's a goal for us. But that wouldn't define our season. I wouldn't say that would define our season.

Question: I'll accept that answer.
Smart (laughing louder): Thank you. Thank you.

Question: Name me a veteran player who you think is going to surprise Cowboys fans this season?
Smart: I would say Michael Cobbins. From his freshman year to now he's not the same player. He kind of showed that a little bit last year ... although he really didn't get to show much because he was out half the season with the toe injury. But he's going to surprise a lot of people this year.

Of the newcomers, who should Cowboys fans keep an eye on?
Smart: Oh, Leyton Hammonds. Leyton Hammonds is going to surprise a lot of people as a freshman.

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