Gundy Won't Comment On SI Series

As Oklahoma State began preparations Sunday for its first home game of the season, the win Saturday against UTSA and the game at Boone Pickens Stadium against Lamar were on the back burner during Mike Gundy's weekly teleconference. Instead, the media wanted to ask about the Sports Illustrated articles documenting alleged improprieties in the Cowboys football program.

The series reportedly is targeting the program prior to the Mike Gundy era and during the Les Miles era. Former special teams coordinator Joe DeForest is alleged to be involved in some of the allegations which range from paying players for performance, paying players for work not done, academics, and possible improprieties involving drug testing and the Orange Pride hostess group.

"I can't speak on any of it at this time," said Gundy when asked about the impending Sports Illustrated articles by Tulsa World beat reporter Jimmie Tramel. "There will be a time when we address that. Right now it is a waste of your time to even ask the question."

Gundy said he really didn't think his team would be impacted by the Sports Illustrated situation.

"I'm not going to comment on any of it," emphasized Gundy. "My personal opinion as far as our players, is they should go about their daily activities. I think they care less about that to be honest with you."

The Cowboys have a very good situation at quarterback as starter J.W. Walsh and backup Clint Chelf combined for a school second best ever 518 passing yards. Walsh set a school record for single-game completion percentage by connecting 24 of 27 passes for 89 percent. He had 326 yards with four touchdowns.

So what about Walsh not being a polished passer?

"The latter part of spring ball and preseason camp, he had really good practices," said Gundy. "No, he's not a polished passer right now.

"I think he is an effective leader. He is going to get his hands dirty and he is going to find a way to get it done somehow. And he has got an unbelievable amount of energy and a cardiovascular system that allows him to be different than other people."

The cardio ability has to come in handy for all OSU offensive members when they go into the warp speed on the Mike Yurcich offense. By the way, Yurcich does believe they can speed it up some more.

Chelf also handled the speed of the offense. When the intensity picked back up after UTSA scored following the long punt return, Chelf took the field with the first team offense making it happen as he threw for 192 yards and two touchdowns.

"He did a great job," said Gundy when asked if he was really proud of Chelf persevering through a tough week. "I mentioned after the game to some of the guys that it's a difficult situation. It's difficult for him and it's difficult for me.

"He is a great young man and does a good job. He happens to be on the second team right now, but he came in and made plays. We wanted to run our offense with him and give him the opportunity to continue to get better."

Gundy mentioned several other players he felt played well after grading the video from the 56-35 win in San Antonio.

"Daytawion Lowe. Chris Ghrisby played right tackle for us, first time ever to play tackle, and played good. Tracy Moore did a great job when he didn't have the ball in his hands. Joe Mitchell played pretty good and we had some young receivers that made some plays, but obviously you guys knew about them," finished Gundy in answering the question from The Oklahoman beat writer Gina Mizell.

Finally, Gundy was critical of himself after the game saying he substituted too much at the same time and that allowed the game to slip out of complete security, although it was never dangerous.

The question is how much do you want to keep total control versus the chance to develop depth on your team?

"I think a little bit, not a lot," said Gundy. "We wholesaled them and that was my call, and we probably shouldn't have done that. We have done that more at home when the crowd was in our favor and it was much more difficult for a road team to have success and playing on the road and in that stadium, where they had a lot of excitement and were ready for the game and quite honestly pretty good on offense in my opinion.

"We have got to get guys in there and get some other guys out and give them a break, but just not all of them at once."

Gundy and his players meet Monday with the media, and they can expect a few out-of-towners and local news types clamoring for answers to the Sports Illustrated series. That is an ideal that only television news departments feel they are capable of delivering. By the way in case you didn't recognize it, that is sarcasm.

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