The Dirty Game: DeForest's Reaction

I spoke with Joe DeForest immediately after part one of Sports Illustrated's investigative series "The Dirty Game" was released Monday. This part, entitled "Money," was detailing allegations of pay for performance, bogus jobs, and other extra benefits. DeForest was accused of being the paymaster for the Cowboys but after reading the article, he said he will reserve his statement until later.

"I can tell you this, I'm sitting in my office with Andrew McGee (former Cowboys cornerback and current West Virginia grad assistant coach) and we can't wipe the smile off our faces," said the former OSU associate head coach.

"If they were swinging for the fences, they flied out. I'm going to have a comment Robert when all of this is over. I haven't slept for four days but after reading that I feel better."

DeForest's happiness was derived from all of the holes in the story, and there were plenty from alumni or boosters in the locker room or on the team plane which is rare and always supervised.

There was the Seymore Shaw story of him receiving money in high school from an OSU booster. Shaw signed with OU and didn't become a Cowboy until mid-August when OU discovered they couldn't take another partial qualifier, which was allowed at that time.

Also, there was the Shaw story of being overpaid to clean a rent house for the late Kay Norris, but her son Chris said the family never had a rent house in Stillwater or nearby, just one in Broken Bow.

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