The Dirty Game: Part Two Targets Terry Henley

Former Oklahoma State player and current academic counselor for football Terry Henley's credentials and his job performance and integrity are questioned in Wednesday's part two of Sports Illustrated's "The Dirty Game." If Oklahoma State fans think former players came out of the woodwork Tuesday to defend the Cowboys football program, just wait until Wednesday.

There are hundreds of Oklahoma State players that credit Henley with helping them navigate the academic world and inspiring them to get their degree. Markelle Martin has been as adamant as anybody. Henley helped him through academic probation and on to achieving his degree.

The five-part series will continue Thursday and will target drugs. Cowboys strength and conditioning assistant coach Joel Tudman is supposed to be focused in on by the SI team, that includes the much criticized Thayer Evans. Friday is sex and in part four the Orange Pride group comes under scrutiny.

If the next three stories have as many holes as the opening act then former Oklahoma State players that have come out in force will have three more hey days drilling into the Sports Illustrated series. The dirt seems to be flying back in the face of the architects of "The Dirty Game."

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