Five Cowboys That Can Use The Bye Week

I'm with Oklahoma State head coach Mike Gundy on this issue, an open or bye week is always welcomed by players, coaches and broadcasters alike as it gives you a chance to exhale and take stock in what has happened. For the Cowboys, they are off to a nice 3-0 start and they have some time to prepare for a stretch drive.

It is a break but the Cowboys have another one in October on the 12th and then a third bye week on the Thanksgiving weekend. That's too many, but this first one comes at a good time for a variety of reasons, beginning with our five players below.

These are five players that can really benefit from the bye week.

1. Daniel Koenig
This is purely a health issue as Koenig has been banged up since the Mississippi State game. It's one thing to lose a starting offensive tackle (Devin Davis) in fall camp but then to have both those edge protectors down after the first game is tough for any team to deal with.

Once again, offensive line coach Joe Wickline has shown his ability at not just coaching but constructing an offensive line in a pinch. It is really kind of amazing how he does it. By the way, Wickline is also a pretty accomplished harmonica player.

Koenig has an injury that the staff hopes will be much better and give him a chance to play at West Virginia. If that is the case, then the offensive line goes into conference play stronger with some added developed depth from the past two games. Players like Zac Veatch and Paul Lewis could really help as they now have some competitive reps.

However, there is no substitute for the experience and the mean streak that Koenig provides. Provided he keeps that under control it is a great dynamic to add to the calm of players like guard Brandon Webb and center Jake Jenkins.

2. J.W. Walsh
Walsh has played well but having just made his fourth and fifth official starts as a quarterback there is always room for improvement. With the coaching gene from his dad, part of J.W.'s make up is going to look to work on his weaknesses.

Walsh threw the ball great in San Antonio, but not so great against Lamar. He needs to work on being relaxed enough in the offense to work through his progressions. Defenses will continue to disguise their coverages and give false keys that will cut down on the pre-snap decisions you would love to be able to make.

Walsh just needs to take advantage of a week of work in the offense where he is not as worried about the defense on the other side. Get better at what you do in a base format and then get a little early work against what seems like an improved West Virginia defense.

3. Anthony Rogers
Rogers is another health issue as he comes off a minor surgery to start practicing again. He may not be able to get back fast enough to play at West Virginia but I would be surprised if he is not back by the return to Boone Pickens Stadium on Oct. 5 against Kansas State. You need to have that depth, but keep an eye on No. 63 Deonte Cruse, who could wind up eating a few snaps a game.

4. Tracy Moore
Moore is playing well and he has made some really physical blocks on the perimeter. But you know deep down that Moore craves catching the ball, and catching it a lot. One of the strengths of the Oklahoma State offense is the wide variety of targets but it is not a bad thing to have a few "bell cows." You know that Josh Stewart is one of those and Tracy Moore should be another.

This is a good week for Moore to ask Walsh to do some extra throwing and get used to some of the little advantages to hooking up with Moore. Throw it in the right spot and Moore will come down with the ball every time. Wes Lunt found that spot and milked it at Arizona last season. We need to get Moore on some posts and corner routes as he is really strong on those.

5. Kevin Peterson
I don't know the exact problem but Peterson did not play after the first couple of plays against Lamar. I think it was a slight injury but decided there was no reason to push it. West Virginia threw the ball some last week against Georgia State and with Ford Childress at quarterback, Air Holgorsen may be back in vogue in Morgantown.

You will need all hands on deck in the secondary for the trip. This is a good week to get healthy and get some extra work as the Cowboys have yet to face a really strong spread passing attack yet.

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