OSU-WVU: Most Important Quote Of The Week

Did the headline get your attention? When a team has a game that goes completely bust like West Virginia did in losing 37-0 to a Maryland team that really is not that much better there is the potential for changes. Some coaches will go bonkers after a game like that. Plenty of teams have made quarterback switches, wholesale position changes or changed offenses or defenses after humbling losses.

The next opponent, in this case Oklahoma State, has to be concerned that they may walk into a complete surprise. Honestly, I don't think the Cowboys have much to worry about unless their game plan has something to do with Mountaineers head coach Dana Holgorsen's wardrobe or the lunch menu at the West Virginia football office.

Holgorsen blames himself for last week's 37-point loss, which is noble but nowhere close to the total problem. It would help if his team had not turned the ball over six times, fallen behind 14-0 which destroyed the scenario their game plan was based on or if the offensive line would have blocked better and the defense had forced some turnovers.

Holgorsen said he is changing things this week. He said he was changing what he wears and how he gets dressed before he goes to work. He decided to change the lunch bar at the football office. However, as evidenced by this comment when asked about changing punt returners for the fourth time, Holgorsen showed his true feelings on getting better, and it doesn't involve tearing up his depth chart and starting over.

"Well, we've had three guys back there," said Holgorsen of the punt return situation, which actually started the collapse against Maryland. "I'm comfortable with Ronald (Carswell) back there. He's the one that has the most confidence.

"There's no excuse, but their guy dropped one too. The wind was swirling and it was wet. He made a poor decision. He's inexperienced, and he's got to get better at it. I like his confidence and I think he has the mental make up that he is going to get better at it. No one was hurt more than him when that happened.

"You can't just keep playing musical chairs, and you guys have asked me this at quarterback a bunch and the same thing at punt returner," continued Holgorsen. "You've got to believe in some kids and I do believe in 'em. They are trying hard and I'm going to believe in them a little bit more and we are going to go out and practice and get better."

Expect redshirt freshman quarterback Ford Childress to keep the job. On my radio show Wednesday, the beat writer from the Charleston Dailey Mail, Mike Casazza, said he knew Holgorsen would stick with Childress and thought that was the plan going back to last summer.

Holgorsen has always run the same offense, albeit at times a little differently, but he won't be tearing up his little play cards. Defensive coordinator Keith Patterson won't reinvent the wheel this week either. This is not a time at WVU to change, but more a time to stay the course.

Patterson and starting strongside linebacker Jared Barber had some interesting comments on OSU quarterback J.W. Walsh that could be considered borderline bulletin board material.

"I think with the Oklahoma game it is hard to find a quarterback who runs better than he (Blake Bell) did. As for Walsh, I am very impressed with him," said Patterson. "The kid has size. He runs well, but also throws the ball extremely well for a kid his size. I think we are prepared."

"He is not faster than any of the other players we have faced," said Barber. "It is good that we have played running quarterbacks in the past. I think that will help us this weekend."

Barber didn't stop with Walsh as the entire Oklahoma State offense may enjoy reading some of Barber's material.

"They push tempo, so conditioning is big," started Barber before getting to the good stuff. "We need to get to the sideline as soon as the play is over. They have good skill guys even though I think Maryland was better up front. They do not have as many skill players as Maryland, I will say that. Tempo is definitely going to be the difference."

Some of these quotes may help as well.

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