Walsh Admits Fade Into End Zone Was His Call

From the moment the ball was tipped away, check that, from the moment J.W. Walsh gave a half-hearted move toward play-action after snapping the ball out of the two-back half diamond formation and threw the fade to Tracy Moore in the end zone on second-and goal from inches outside the goal line against West Virginia fans have been screaming their objection.

The media chimed in from radio, television, and through the Sunday and Monday newspapers. Fans and bloggers alike had the poison keyboards going in reaction to the call.

It was all compounded on third down when WVU defensive tackle Dontrill Hyman slipped off the block of right guard Travis Cross and stuffed Jeremy Smith five yards deep in the backfield. It really exploded when freshman kicker Ben Grogan banged off the upright the short field goal attempt that could have tied the game.

Offensive coordinator Mike Yurcich has been criticized up one street and down the other for being the culprit of one of the worst play calls in recent memory. The only problem is Yurcich didn't call the fade.

Yurcich called a run out of that formation, a play the offense had practiced all week and was part of the plan. Monday during the player interview portion of the Mike Gundy and Oklahoma State media day, quarterback J.W. Walsh clued us in that he had made the check.

"That was a designed run from the sideline and that was a designed run all week in practice, and I signaled fade to Tracy and I threw it and I shouldn't have. It is something that I would like to take back but at the same time you have to live with your mistakes and learn from them," explained Walsh. "You're only inches from the end zone, we should have run it. Used our big offensive line and run it in."

"First off, he did it on his own and I was as surprised as whoever was watching the game when it happened and why players sometimes do that I don't know," said Gundy. "It's like when you tell your kids to brush their teeth and you find out later they didn't brush.

"We don't have the play that he checked into out of that set. I don't have an answer for you, and we've discussed it as an offensive staff, other than you asked how often does it happen? Not very often."

For Walsh there was never a question of being upfront about making the check and making sure everybody knew that Yurcich had called the run. Walsh is a stand-up guy.

"You know everybody has responsibilities and that is true to his character, what he is, you know, and what he stands for," said Yurcich. "We all make mistakes. I make mistakes. He makes mistakes. We all have to get better."

"Tracy is a playmaker and a big body guy and we trust him to make that play. But I should have just gone with the run in that situation. I should have stayed with the call," said Walsh.

"That's the kind of guy he is," echoed Gundy. "He's not going to say anything other than what is true and that's the way it is."

So, now everybody can follow the example of Rosanna Rosannadanna and say, "never mind." That's not to say all the other play calls on Saturday were perfect but that one call was certainly the one that had Oklahoma State fans the most worked up.

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