Hill Sees Himself As A Triple Threat For OSU

Tyreek Hill is more than happy to be an Oklahoma State Cowboy, and as it turns out, so is his family. The 5-9 and now 190-pound speedster is originally from Douglas (Coffee County), Ga., where he lived with his grandmother in high school. His real mother and a lot of his family now live in Oklahoma, and they are very happy they won't have far to go to see him play the next two years.

"I really like Oklahoma State. On my first visit I had a vibe, and I'm in love with it and my family loves it too," said Hill. "They are only about an hour away in Norman and they will be able to come and see me play. It is a very good experience knowing I'm going to be a Cowboy." Obviously, Oklahoma State was happy about it too because there was a "pistols firing from Garden City" tweet from...

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