Brandon Webb Addresses Line Concerns

You have to understand that playing on the Oklahoma State offensive line means a lot to Brandon Webb. Webb, out of Owasso, Okla., received medium recruiting attention from his father's alma mater, Oklahoma. Terry Webb was an All-American and All-Big Eight guard for some of Barry Switzer's top teams in the mid-1970s. Brandon Webb received lots of attention from OSU and chose to be a Cowboy.

Webb redshirted in 2009, played in five games doing mop up duty in 2010, and then played in seven games and began getting quality snaps in 2011. Last season he got his first career start in the West Virginia game and he replaced Jonathan Rush as the starter in the next five games.

ebb had to work and wait to get his place, so excuse him for being prideful and protective of the Oklahoma State offensive line.

"We will do better. We felt like we kind of let the team down a little bit," said Webb when asked Monday about the problems on the offensive line in the 30-21 loss to West Virginia that knocked the Cowboys from the ranks of the unbeaten.

"As seniors, me and Parker (Graham) talked, and we think it's kind of our fault. We have to get better this week and show up against Kansas State."

Webb is being kind in his review of the game on Saturday, In reviewing video of the game, I did not find a blown or missed assignment by Webb. I caught a missed block by center Jake Jenkins, but only one, and Jenkins had a key block in the tunnel screen that resulted in the 73-yard touchdown by Josh Stewart. Receivers Charlie Moore and Tracy Moore also had key blocks on that play.

I spied a missed blitz pickup by right tackle Daniel Koeni- but he played well from what I saw. Parker Graham appeared to miss one block, but also was very solid. Starting with a first quarter holding penalty and continuing through the five-yard loss on the third and-goal play from inside the one in the fourth quarter, the right guard position manned by Chris Grisbhy and Travis Cross struggled with a multitude of missed assignments or blocks.

Webb has always played at left guard but one would wonder if he might flip sides to the right?

"We had some problems," started Webb, shifting his eyes and appearing uncomfortable about discussing fellow offensive line teammates. "It was on the whole line, everybody had some busts. I don't know what (coach) Wick has planned but he hasn't said anything about me moving."

Joe Wickline has a policy of cross training his offensive linemen and having them play at different positions. It has worked well in the past, especially in developing depth and also showing each player the trials and concerns of playing the other positions up and down the line.

My guess is Wickline doesn't want to move Webb or any of the other starters. He has a solid left side with seniors Graham and Webb. Junior Jake Jenkins has experience and has played well at center.

Getting Daniel Koenig back at right tackle was a plus, but the guard position is a huge concern. Grisbhy and Cross had played well enough up until the West Virginia game but options such as Michael Wilson, Colby Hegwood, Brandon Garrett, Paul Lewis, and even a talented freshman like Zach Crabtree have to be considered.

Webb is confident that it will be worked out and he doesn't show any panic, only calm, in discussing the offensive line.

"We don't ever really panic. We just know we have to come out and get better," said Webb. "We have to adjust to a scheme and get it down to help our younger guys come along faster because we need them."

Webb also follows the unspoken o-line code of not throwing a fellow lineman under any bus, no matter what has happened. You see an offensive line is not five individual players but it's five players playing as one entity.

"We're not really an individual in there," expressed Webb. "If someone makes a bust then it is the whole offensive line's fault. We have to take responsibility as a whole and try to get better."

The loss at West Virginia showed that the Cowboys are 4/5ths home to a solid offensive line. But 4/5ths in the offensive line world doesn't cut it, and the next three days needs to reveal someone to fill the hole to make the Oklahoma State offensive line whole.

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