Class 5A Teams Have Plenty Of Prospects

A good example of how there are more Division I prospects and also small college prospects in Oklahoma than schools was evident Friday night when Class 5A's top-ranked Carl Albert and 10th-rated Bishop McGuinness faced off. The top-ranked Titans won 35-21 at the home of the Irish, Connelly Stadium, but there were plenty of highlights and plenty of prospects to note.

Bishop McGuinness
QB Jacob Lewis, 6-2, 208, sub 4.5
Lewis was being mentioned in connection with a number of schools in the spring and summer. He hit some camps but did not garner a major Division I offer and he started the season with a couple of games where he turned the ball over (seven turnovers in his first two games).

The kid is really a good player as he has the size and especially the speed to be a dual threat quarterback. Against Carl Albert he rushed for 226 yards and was extremely elusive, and when he got into the clear he ran away from some fast defenders. He scored on runs of 61 yards and 1 yard, and set up another score on a 58-yard run.

He completed 8-of-17 passes for 92 yards, but could have had much more as he overthrew receivers on three potential long passes. He throws a pretty ball but he has a problem throwing too far, which is a better problem than throwing short. He throws well in the short to medium game with velocity and accuracy.

DT/OT Johnathan Higgins, 6-5, 291
His size is legit and he plays both ways and never seems to slow down. I love the fact that on both sides he never lets grass grow under his feet as he really keeps them moving. He understands and plays with leverage, only rarely playing too high.

On defense, he gets penetration and can make tackles and did Friday night with two TFLs. On offense he locks on and stays locked and has shown really solid ability getting downfield to make blocks that extend plays.

His dad told me he still hears from the service academies, Ivy League teams, Ohio, Tulsa, North Texas, etc. I will stake my reputation on this guy. If a D-I school takes him he will wind up being a two-year starter and maybe a three-year starter before he is done, and it could be on either side of the ball.

DT/OG Jonathan Olay, 6-4, 245
Olay is the other two-way lineman for McGuinness, and I really like him a lot. Like Higgins, he keeps his feet moving and he is able to get off blocks pretty efficiently on defense, yet lock up when on offense. He made several plays behind the line of scrimmage and his penetration caused Carl Albert to alter a number of plays.

Others to keep an eye on:

DE Tyler Kippenbarger, Soph., 6-3, 210
He makes a lot of plays and knows how to stay at home as well as how far to go and then keep an edge against a running quarterback like Carl Albert's Stevie Thompson. Just a sophomore, he will get bigger and more polished, but this is a player to remember.

Carl Albert
QB Stevie Thompson, 6-2, 185, 4.5
He's listed at 6-2, but make that 6-1 or even 6-0. However, he would make a quarterback run offense a perfect quarterback. I could see him at Air Force, Navy or Army. He would work well for Rich Rod at Arizona.

Thompson is okay throwing in the short to medium passing game, but not vertical. He rushed for 144 yards in the win over the Irish and had a 33-yard touchdown run to sock the game away. I think in college he would make a good slot receiver or a safety on defense and they play him back there. He has really good feet, can juke some, and really explodes and accelerates.

RB/DE Chantz Woodberry, 6-1, 240
He's a big back, but he took off on a 71-yard touchdown run in the game and even with pursuit angles available nobody on the home team caught up with him. I like him as a fullback or H-back as he is good with the ball, but he could be a good defender, small defensive end or an inside linebacker. He finished with an even 100 rushing yards and he also showed me the ability to block as he did several times on runs by Thompson.

OL Anthony Woods, 6-6, 303
He has good feet but doesn't always use them, and would be much more consistent if he did. When he is moving his feet it is easy to see he is strong in the upper body and can really stay locked up and drive an opposing defensive lineman downfield.

CB/KR Dillon Lohr, 6-2, 190, 4.5
Lohr was adopted by the Lohr family that had Jason Lohr at Jenks. He definitely has an attitude and did some chirping during the game, but he is very physical and I only saw him allow one catch last week. He is not shy about sticking it to an opposing player on a tackle. He also had a 77-yard kickoff return that set up a score.

TE Trenton Ball, 6-6, 220
Ball had several good blocks and one good catch on a crossing route over the middle that Thompson really stuck in there with a hard, fast throw. Ball does not look comfortable on defense and is not as aggressive as you would like out of a defensive end. He's a player I would take my time in evaluating as physically it all adds up, but the performance needs more evaluation.

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