Cowboys Preparing For Crazy Night In Lubbock

It's hard to question the methods so far of first-year Texas Tech head coach Kliff Kingsbury as he has returned to his alma mater and led the Red Raiders to a 7-1 start. Some Tech fans compared Kingsbury's hiring to the hiring of Mike Gundy by Oklahoma State in 2005. Both are former quarterbacks at the schools they now coach, but Tech fans may have made the comparison hoping for results.

The past four seasons Gundy's Cowboys have had Tech's number, and the last two seasons that number has been huge with a 66-6 win over the Red Raiders in Lubbock in 2011 and last season in Stillwater a 59-21 pasting of Tech.

The combined margin of victory in those two games (98) is now posted in the Texas Tech locker room. That's where I question Kingsbury. Do you really want to remind your team of how bad its been beaten by OSU?

"Yeah, that's close to a hundred," Kingsbury said Monday at his weekly news conference. "That's what they beat us by the last two years. So I wanted to make sure they knew that. And hopefully they have some pride in themselves when they see that."

Or shell shock. The similarities I see in Kingsbury and Gundy is somewhat of a swashbuckling mentality. Gundy has somewhat mellowed after being a head coach for nine years, but he still patrols his sideline looking for the right attitude and positive body language.

Gundy said he hasn't seen much of Kingsbury on the sidelines but what he has seen has impressed him

"He's done very well this year as a first-year head coach. His team has played well, in my opinion," Gundy said on Monday. "They play with energy. I haven't studied the other side of the ball like I have the defense, and they're sound in my opinion.

"He's young and has a lot of enthusiasm. I'm sure he has love for his university, so it seems to be a great hire by Tech. I know the little bit I've been able to watch them on television; it looks like he is enjoying being a head coach. Obviously, that's the most important part of what we do, in my opinion."

Gundy is smart enough and experienced enough to know that the environment will be kicked up several notches when the Cowboys start in Lubbock at 6 p.m. on Saturday. His players know it too as they have seen the Twitter encouragement from Kingsbury to Tech fans to make it crazy and that costumes are welcomed even though Halloween will be over.

"We've always played them in the daytime, but you watch games at night there and know how crazy it gets in Lubbock," wide receiver Charlie Moore said. "There's a night and day difference, literally. I saw where Kingsbury tweeted yesterday to all the fans that costumes are encouraged and a 'Let's get weird' hashtag, so it's going to be a fun time in Lubbock and I'm excited."

"They have a great environment there," Gundy added. "I certainly would prefer to play in the day just so you don't have to sit around and wait all day. It's the hand we've been dealt and our guys will adjust. We will travel later on Friday, which we traditionally do."

Then the Cowboys will need to get their rest and store up on energy during the day because they will be combating a lot of energy Saturday night. If they can soak it in and channel it toward their advantage that sure wouldn't hurt.

Kliff and the Krazies are banking on it being tough on the Cowboys.

"It will be a huge deal," said Kingsbury. "It's going to hopefully be rocking. It's going to be our last night game for the year, and I know our students love those night games. So I'm hoping that they'll bring the energy, bring the passion like they have in all the other ones and get ready to have a fun night."

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