Repeat Performance?

"We need to throw the football better, period. If you look at the opponent we're playing this week, they're scoring and they've been effective in throwing the football," Oklahoma State head coach Mike Gundy declared at his weekly new conference on Monday previewing Saturday's game with Texas Tech in Lubbock.

"There's three phases in a game, we all know that. At some point, you have to match them where their strength is. They have certainly had the ability to score points, but, defensively, they have been effective also. We need to become a better passing team to give ourselves a better chance to win this weekend," Gundy added.

Most fans may have felt that Gundy was talking about quantity and completion percentage. But while improvement in those two areas would be great I would contend that Gundy would be just as excited and happy with getting a similar performance to the one Chelf had last season in Stillwater against Texas Tech.

A year ago Chelf completed 11 of 21 passes for 229 yards with three touchdown passes and no interceptions. He did not complete a pass in the second half as the Cowboys enjoyed a 35-14 lead at halftime.

By the way, the passing production was also increased by J.W. Walsh, who in his short-yardage package was one-for-one for a 2-yard touchdown to Kye Staley, a guy that Cowboys fans would like to see get a touchdown catch in Lubbock.

Quality and not quantity ruled the day against the Red Raiders last season. Tech, by the way, had Seth Doege complete 24 of 36 for 230 yards but had two interceptions.

The exception would be second half production. I think Oklahoma State might need a few pass completions in the second half against this version of Texas Tech under Kliff Kingsbury.

Many fans have been feeling that the OSU quarterbacks have struggled much more than last season, especially with accuracy. That may be the case but it is not exaggerated. The loss of Joe Randle as both a running and receiving weapon has played into it as has the offensive line being less settled.

The biggest reason the Cowboys may be struggling in the passing game could be the way opposing defenses are lining up on defense. They have the numbers and the video from last season and are aware of the strengths and weaknesses of the Cowboys quarterbacks.

Saturday night in Lubbock, quantity is nice and would be appreciated but quality is much more important and averaging around 20 yards a completion would go a long way toward an Oklahoma State win and a five-game winning streak over the Red Raiders.

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