Mixon May Be A Rare Find

Every once in awhile a player who signs after his senior season does not end up going to the school he signed with or any other school, or junior college, for that matter. That was the case with Dimarya Mixon, a talented defensive end originally out of Compton, Calif., but most recently as a senior in 2012 at West Mesquite High School in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex.

Mixon played at 6-4, 255 pounds his senior season. After not attending Nebraska, the school he signed with last February, Mixon is now 6-4 and approaching 270 pounds, and he seems to be every bit as strong and athletic.

"I'm working out and then working a job at Whataburger," said Mixon. "Those are my days."

He can't wait to change his days, filling them instead with classes and football at his future school. He already has visited Washington State (10/31) and Boise State (10/19), and will be making a trip to Tennessee.

"I leave for Tennessee tomorrow," Mixon said on Thursday night. "My other two visits aren't locked in and they could change. I've heard from Oklahoma, Texas and Oklahoma State. I just talked to the Oklahoma State coach yesterday, I think. I'm somewhat interested, but I don't really need to stay close."

His last two visits are tentatively scheduled with Auburn (11/16) and Arizona State (11/30).

"How many home games does Oklahoma and Oklahoma State have left? I would be seeing if those fit in," asked Mixon. "I want to weigh all my options and make sure I'm visiting schools that I'm truly thinking about going to with those last two visits."

Mixon heads to Tennessee this weekend but the big and mobile defensive end -- and possibly defensive tackle prospect for the future -- has some consideration to do before he firms up the last two visits. He promised he would give us a heads up when he decides.

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