Two Tigers And One Titan

I caught two games on the final regular season Friday of the Oklahoma high school football season. The first was a blowout at Carl Albert as quarterback Steve Thompson helped the Titans to a 44-7 victory. I also saw the second half of Broken Arrow's 20-10 home-playoff clinching win at Westmoore, which included Oklahoma State commits Gyasi Akem and Devon Thomas.

Steve Thompson is a unique player who has some offers But the questions is what position will he play? It won't be quarterback. One coach told me he needs to play safety, and he does currently for Carl Albert. He also could play at the slot receiver position as his speed is one of his greatest assets.

He is 6-0 or slightly below and that is what makes it tough to be a quarterback at the Division I level.

The other avenue for Thompson would be returns, although he doesn't perform that task at Carl Albert, But his skill set would make you think he could be a talented kickoff and/or punt returner.

There is mutual interest with Oklahoma State as Thompson has been on campus several times and to OSU games. He claims to like the Cowboys and the interest has been returned although not with an offer.

Next week in the first round the Class 5A playoffs, Carl Albert will host Del City.

You could feel the intensity during the Broken Arrow-Westmoore game as the two teams were battling for a home playoff opportunity that goes to BA. The Tigers will host Tulsa Washington next Friday.

Devon Thomas and Gyasi Akem both played in the contest. Thomas was held to under 100 yards as Broken Arrow only rushed for 113 yards total in the defense-oriented contest. Thomas did have several chain-moving and drive-sustaining carries. His runs were tough runs between the tackles for the most part.

Akem still plays more like a safety in the Tigers defense than a linebacker. He had several tackles in the second half, all of the pursuit variety as the ball never seemed to go his way as he was most often lined up on an inside receiver against the Westmoore one-back or empty formation spread offense. He is a back player lined up out on the perimeter and he runs really well.

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